Modern Stained Glass in Colorado Springs

A lot of people only think of churches when they imagine stained glass, but it’s becoming a popular choice for decoration in both commercial and home settings. It makes sense–stained glass often has intricate designs, plus you can use a bunch of different colors to liven up any room.

There are endless possibilities for how you can incorporate stained glass into a modern home. Just take a look at some of the best images we found on Pinterest! They’re sure to give you some great ideas for how to style your Colorado Springs home.

Kitchen Cabinet Stained Glass to Fill Out Kitchen Style

If you want to modernize your kitchen without sacrificing any elegance, then go for stained glass! For example, take a look at this beautiful and trendy cupboard. The clear glass provides visibility into each section, but the sleek design blocks out any potential clutter. This style is not only popular now but timeless as well.


stained glass kitchen cabinets dencver

Stained Glass Dividers for Modern at Home Work Spaces

For a fashionable way to partition your living space or create detailed areas in your home, use stained glass. This gorgeous method can be modernized with the right design and pattern. For example, the room divider below is made from colorful stained glass with a geometric abstract pattern that adds intrigue to any plain space. The best part about using stained glass for privacy screens is that they let in natural light while still providing some level of seclusion—perfect for Reading nooks or small home offices!

Modern Stained Glass Bathroom Windows for Privacy and Style

In the past, bathroom windows made from stained glass have been quite ordinary, usually a combination of textured and beveled glass with an occasional pop of color. But it’s time for a change in line with evolving tastes. This abstract and simply gorgeous modernstained glass window is the look of the future–and we love it!

bathroom stained glass san antonio

We at Scottish Stained Glass would be more than happy to help you achieve the perfect look for your Colorado Springs home with our modern stained glass designs! Contact us today to get started.

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