Need Help Restoring Stained Glass in Your Restaurant? Scottish Stained Glass Dallas Can Help!

Over the years we have seen, made and restored a lot of different types of stained glass here in Dallas and across the US. You may not realize it but stained glass is for more than just churches. From homes to retail stores we have quite a portfolio under our belt and the countless uses for stained glass never cease to amaze us. One place that is popular for stained glass is actually in restaurants. That’s right, Restaurants, Bars, & Pubs has and continues to be a place where stained and leaded glass is a common place for us to install this lovely art form. Places like front windows, lampshades over tables, on booth dividers and on bar signs are all typical spots for hospitality stained glass. However, an issue with having stained glass in a public place like this is the fact that it will often need repairs and restorations along the way. Some signs you may need us to come out and do a quick repair are pretty clear too.

Signs Your Restaurant Stained Glass Needs Repairs

  1. Dirty or Dull Looking Stained Glass: When you have an establishment that serves food all day, you are likely to get a build-up of airborne grease that sticks to stained glass and then dust that sticks to that. We find that restaurants simple need stained glass cleaning more often. This is something we can do for easily and cost-effectively for your Dallas eatery.
  2. Cracked Stained Glass: One thing we see in restaurants, on pieces that reside in booths, is cracked stained glass This is in large part due to the fact that people are sitting down and standing up in them, constantly adding pressure to the support structure. Although stained glass is very durable, over time, this could lead to small pressure cracks. These are no problem for us here at Scottish Stained Glass in Dallas. We can easily do a drop in repairs or restoration on these small imperfections and the cost is usually minimal.
  3. Broken Stained Glass: When you have an establishment with a flurry of action and tons of people coming through day in and out–accidents happen. Again, stained glass is no less durable than a regular glass window–and even those break occasionally. This type of restoration is probably going to require us to take the affected stained-glass sign, lampshade, booth divider or window out and to repair it. However, once it is restored it will be as good as new and back to making your Dallas establishment look grand!

For more information on stained glass repair for restaurants and pubs here in the Dallas area, contact Scottish Stained Glass. We will get you set up with a free inspection and clear pricing for your restoration job.

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