America’s Most Amazing Church Stained Glass Part 2: The Little Church of La Villita In San Antonio

Church Stained Glass In The San Antonio: Rustic But Stunning

As mentioned in this series, church stained glass is something very integral to the United States. While it is a worldwide artform, that which was created here in the infancy of this country is unique in its own right. Since we restore stained glass ourselves, we have a deep appreciation and respect for the church stained glass artists, the churches and the congregations that have had these windows restored and preserved. A great example of rustic American stained glass in a church is the old and simple but nonetheless dazzle stained glass in The Little Church of La Villita In San Antonio.

The Little Church of La Villita In San Antonio

Located in the La Villita historic section of San Antonio, the cornerstone for The Little Church of La Villita was first laid on March 2, 1879. It was built by German Methodists, in the Gothic Revival style that is so very common in Texas. Although the church is now over 100 years old, it is probably more lovely today than it ever has been due to a restoration of the stained glass and the property, in general, to use as an event center.

As you can see below, this church is quaint but the stained glass is truly a sight to behold! The centerpiece of the entire chapel, a brilliantly colored symbolic cross seems to radiate light from the wall, lighting up the church and instilling joy in the viewer.

The surrounding chapel is lovely and not over-adorned and a few smaller stained glass windows grace the doors but this chapel, in its minimalism is the perfect example of how breathtaking stained glass comes in all sizes, shapes, and denomination.

New Life After Church Stained Glass Restoration

Today the church is used by locals for small, intimate weddings and we believe there truly could not be a better way to celebrate love, than beneath a work of stained glass art that was truly a labor of love itself! At Scottish Stained Glass In San Antonio, each day is truly a joy knowing we are doing our part to keep this country’s historic stained glass windows, like these and others, intact for future viewers. As we restore and create new windows, our hope is one day, others will work to preserve our labors of love too! For more information on church stained glass restoration here in San Antonio or around the country, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!


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