Why Stained Glass Lovers Should Add Sainte Chapelle To Their Paris Bucket List

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Included in the culture of Denver is an admiration of beauty and a unique appreciation for history paired with a compelling sense of wanderlust. A trip to Sainte Chapelle, located in the center of the Île de la Cité in Paris, may seem a sidestep just several minutes walk from Notre Dame. However, the unparalleled examples of the church stained glass housed in its upper chapel will mesmerize with the marriage of High-gothic architecture and the scintillating beauty of light-play. Tucked into the grounds of the Palais de Justice, and a short distance from the famed French flower markets, Sainte Chapelle houses the unique and awesome beauty of 13th-century stained glass commissioned by Louis IX. The religious traveler will no doubt be richly rewarded with a visit to one of the locations that solidified France as a hub for Christian pilgrimage. A French holiday for those piqued by history or art appreciation would not be complete without the gemstone light-filled chapel in Sainte Chapelle either. This is a must visit location for the sunshine-loving Coloradan.

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A perfect way to memorialize your trip of a lifetime would be to bring the unique beauty of Paris back to Denver. Building upon hundreds of years of technique, and perfecting their proficiency with more than 20 years of experience in religious, commercial and home stained glass design Scottish Stained Glass are masters of design, installation and restoration. The beautiful Rocky Mountain light streaming through a unique piece of stained glass can set your Colorado home apart. With the convenience of locations in Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs which service the Front Range and beyond, bring beautiful old-world art into your distinctive home. For a personalized collaboration to bring the beauty of Sainte Chapelle, or a more contemporary or prairie-style glass piece to your bright Colorado home. Contact the master artisans at Scottish Stained Glass today!

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