Stained Glass Privacy Solutions for Bathrooms in Denver Homes

When it comes to your bathroom–privacy is critical.  Whether that be to soak in the tub free from the kids and the dogs or to get dressed out of sight from your neighbors.  Here in Denver especially, where houses are getting tighter and tighter–bathroom privacy is at a premium. This is because houses are so close together now–you can practically touch your neighbor from the windows of your home. So what is a feasible solution to bathroom privacy as a homeowner here in Denver?  There are a few but, by far, stained glass in your loo is the best one.

How To Get More Privacy In Your Bathroom

Bathrooms in homes are a kind of “safe haven” from the world.  Which is probably why a nice bathroom increases the selling price of a home.  You, like many homeowners in Denver, may have realized your washroom is not as private as you thought–because your windows face your neighbors.  Blinds and curtains do the job but block out a lot of natural light. Window tinting is an option, and can even be very modern. But, pound for pound, is a home improvement for bathroom privacy that really packs a punch is–stained glass.  

Why Stained Glass Is Great For Bathroom Privacy

There are options other than stained glass for privacy in your Denver home’s bathroom.  But none of them stack up to the beauty and other benefits of stained glass. A stained glass window in a bathroom not only serves to keep the eyes of the prying public out.  It also turns your bathroom into something extraordinary. Stained glass can either match your existing decor or serve as a style element to design your entire loo around! And, unlike curtains, blinds, or window film–stained glass adds a fair amount of value to your home.  That’s right, stained glass windows typically appraise for over 10 X what you paid for them! So getting installing this lovely piece of artwork is well worth the initial cost. Plus–they wonderful to look at each and every day.

For more information on bathroom stained glass for your Denver home–or other privacy solutions–contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today! 


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