How To Bring New Life And Beauty To Your Enid church with Stained Glass Restoration

Historical Church Stained Glass Restoration  In Enid

Here in Enid, we are lucky enough to have many old churches with simply lovely stained glass windows.  Like many stained glass windows in churches and homes across America, these windows are reaching a point at which they need to be restored.  The reason for this is because, most stained glass church windows were installed in the early 1900’s, and stained glass typically needs to be restored ever 80-100 years– making this decade and the next, the most common era for restoration.  There are many reasons why a church in Enid would want to restore their stained glass–from aesthetics to monetary gain. Read below to find out the most common reasons for historical church stained glass restoration and whether or not it might be a fit for your church.

Reasons For Stained Glass Restoration On Enid Church’s

Increased Beauty After Stained Glass Restoration

  Stained glass, as you likely know, is very beautiful.  However, if the only stained glass you are used to seeing is very old, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Throughout the year’s environmental stresses and pollutants take a toll of the luster of stained glass windows, making them cloudy and dull.  After most churches get their stained glass window thoroughly cleaned, they are almost always amazed at the depth and stunning colors they now see.

Pro-Longed Life For Historical Preservation

Stained glass windows that are older than 80 years and have not been thoroughly restored are in desperate need of it–even if the glass looks ok.  The reason for this is structural. The leading and wood or masonry frames are likely bowing or sagging at this point and even if they are not the steel armature and anchors within need to be replaced by now.  If you want to preserve the historical integrity of your church’s stained glass, the earlier you make repairs to the leading, caming, anchors and seals, the more likely it is you will be able to keep it close to the historical accuracy.

Increased Value Of Church Stained Glass After Restoration

There are many different types of value of stained glass.  There is the historical value–preserving pieces of church history in Enid, Oklahoma for instance.  There is also the sentimental value of the stained glass to your church. Finally, there is the monetary value.  The first two will definitely increase when you restore your Enid church’s stained glass. However, the actual value of your stained glass will only increase if your glass was of value in the first place (made by a well-known maker or studio)  and must still be intact and good repair. There is no guarantee that stained glass in a church is highly valuable in monetary terms–but there is almost always historical or sentimental value.

For more information on stained glass restoration for your Enid, Oklahoma church, contact Scottish Stained Glass today.  We have studios across the country and can give you advice and pricing on your church stained glass repair project!

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