Stained Glass Restoration Myths: We Can Help Restore San Antonio Stained Glass

san antonio stained glass restoration

There are many misconceptions revolving around the topic of stained glass restoration. Our San Antonio studio is familiar with them all. Some people believe that stained glass does not need any maintenance at all and that any work done to the glass will ruin or damage it. Others believe that all stained glass eventually reaches an age where restoration is not possible.

However, these ideas are, in fact, false. In almost all cases, restoration is possible. As for maintenance, regular cleaning and care is essential for preserving stained glass for future generations.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we are committed to stained glass conservation and believe that education around stained glass restoration is an important matter. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the causes of stained glass deterioration and the restoration process in order to shed light on some of the myths revolving around antique/aging glass.

stained glass restoration san antonio

Causes of Stained Glass Deterioration

There are many factors that can contribute to religious stained glass deterioration. The exact cause tends to vary from one window to the next depending on its age, composition, and exposure to the elements. However, some of the most common causes of deterioration are:

Moisture – Moisture often initiates deterioration in stained glass windows made with potash glass that has a low silica ratio, which is common for Medieval stained glass

Heat – Heat causes the leading that holds the glass together to lose its shape, putting pressure on the glass and causing it to crack

Surface build up – Over the years, dirt and grime may build up on the glass, causing it to become foggy and/or less vibrant

Our Approach to Stained Glass Restoration

At Scottish Stained Glass, we take a minimally invasive approach to stained glass restoration. We take tremendous effort to conserve as much of the original glass as possible for every repair/restoration project we undertake. We believe this is important for preserving what is, to us, an ancient and precious form of art.

We use CAD programming to ensure that the original design of every window we work on is perfectly preserved. We make serious effort to conduct thorough record keeping of where every single piece is, and take great care when taking measurements. We do not discard any glass that can be safely reused and only turn to replacement as a last resort. Additionally, we use gentle cleaners to ensure that none of the original paint or glass will be destroyed during the cleaning process.

Trust Scottish for San Antonio Stained Glass Restoration

Do you have a stained glass window that needs repairs or restoration? Let the experts at Scottish Stained Glass in San Antonio go to work to complete your stained glass restoration. Call now to receive a quote or schedule an appointment.

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