Beautiful Examples of Stained Glass for You Grand Junction Church

Choosing A Stained Glass Style For Your Grand Junction

Whether you Grand Junction Church already has stained glass that you are looking to restore or is thinking about adding stained glass to its chapel, you likely know little about the subject as of yet and what types of stained glass options are available for you since, stained glass for churches is a topic not many ordinary people know a lot about.  However, here at Scottish Stained Glass, it is our business to know all about our lovely artform and we would love to share some of our ideas and options available to you. Below we have listed some of the popular and pleasing stained glass examples to grace your Grand Junction church and please parishioners for years to come.


Types Of Stained Glass For Chapels And Churches In Grand Junction


Opalescent Glass

Opalescent glass is a piece of glass that in which anywhere from two to five colors are mixed together giving the glass depth and you a variety of color combinations. It contains a white opaqueness so that the glass is not see through it and it perfect for cathedrals and entryways.


Cathedral Glass

This type of stained glass is transparent and usually is singularly colored. As the name denotes this glass is often used in cathedral windows but is wonderful for pictorial scenes, symbols, and memorial plates too!


Hand-Stained Glass

Hand-stained glass is like the name implies stained/painted by hand.   It is typically reddish-brown or black. However, it is incredibly beautiful and lifelike because after an artist applies a layer of stain to a piece, they then carefully tap or brush in highlights–giving the piece great depth.  This glass works wonderfully with pictorial scenes depicting natural symbols or humans because of the amazing detail one is able to achieve.


Faceted Glass

Different from leaded glass, faceted glass has its own unique aesthetic.  This is because it is a thick glass where the surface is faceted or chipped.  Faceted glass is held together with epoxy which allows the spaces between the glass to vary if desired–allowing light to dance and play on the surface and giving it a very distinct look.


Scottish Stained Glass For Church Stained Glass In Grand Junction


All of these types of glass treatments are ones we use at Scottish Stained Glass, not only to create new church windows but in restoring windows to their former glory.  Reach out to us today for information and pricing on stained glass creation, installation or restoration on your Grand Junction church.

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