Stained Glass We Love: La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we’re definitely very passionate about stained glass and the entire industry devoted to this beautiful art medium. We always enjoy the discovery of different stained glass pieces from around the world. It’s amazing seeing what other stained glass artisans accomplish and are commissioned to create. With so many inspiring, beautiful pieces from around the world, we love taking ideas that we’ve seen and incorporating these styles into the custom stained glass pieces that we’re commissioned to do. One of our favorite collections of stained glass has to be housed within La Sagrada Familia located in Barcelona.

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Noteworthy Stained Glass Masterpieces Housed in La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is a gorgeous historical temple that was built in 1866 in Barcelona, Spain. This beautiful church makes great use of natural sunlight with the usage of several stained glass windows that are featured throughout the house of worship. The rising sun lights up the Nativity facade while the daily sunlight shines through vibrantly colored, abstract stained glass windows. With a full-color palette, the purpose of the spectrum of colors is used for symbolizing the expression of life. Colors are also found throughout the enameled ceramic that decorates the exterior of the temple forming designs and symbols of religion.

Taking Inspiration from La Sagrada Familia for Your Fort Collins Custom Stained Glass Project

Fort Collins churches, residences, and businesses can all share the love of art. Taking inspiration from La Sagrada Familia is a wonderful idea for your custom stained glass project. Even though these works of art feature historical stained glass, the designs are quite modern and beautiful in color. Churches, homes, and businesses can all take advantage of creating a custom stained glass investment based on the noteworthy collection.

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