Stained Glass Window Inserts: Stunning And Affordable For Your Fort Collins Home

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Stained glass windows may seem like something rarely sought out by typical homeowners with a real-life budget but the truth is, they are more accessible (and affordable) today than ever before.  Today, stained glass windows come in a huge array of different shapes, sizes and designs and price points to fit nearly any budget. The reason stained glass is so easily accessible right now is because of a resurgence in the popularity of stained glass panel inserts.  As you will see, this simple but stunning stained glass application method is bringing elegance back to the American home without breaking the bank.

What Are Stained Glass Panel Inserts?

Simplicity is the best way to describe stained glass panel inserts.  They are gorgeous stained glass panels, complete with leading, colored or textured glass, manufactured to your specifications in our world-renowned glass studio, then delivered and installed on your home. They are made for an exceptionally tight fit in whichever window or windows you are looking to enhance. They look as spectacular as traditional stained glass but still give your home a modern feel and instant style.  Best of all they can be fit to any glass area of your Fort Collins home. However, the best part is the panel is placed right over the existing glass, meaning a quick, easy and inexpensive installation.

How Are Stained Glass Panel Inserts Installed?

Since stained glass panels are manufactured ahead of time in our world-class stained glass studio, they come to your home ready to almost literally “pop in” in as little as an hour if not minutes.  When your installer arrives they will carefully wash and dry the pre-made stained glass insert and your existing window and frame to ensure total clarity. Allowing sufficient dry time is essential at this step, otherwise, condensation could get trapped between the glass and cause misting.  After the installer dry fits the a ensure a perfect fit, the window is adhered to the frame of your interior window. While durable, these stained glass window inserts can be removed if needed. At this point, your window is done, with very little mess but your installer will be sure to leave your home as clean as they found it.

Learn more about stained glass inserts in the video below

Scottish Stained Glass Fort Collins For Your Stained Glass Inserts


When it comes down to it, stained glass inserts are all the rage for a reason–they are incredibly easy and affordable!  At Scottish we have a huge portfolio of custom stained glass windows made for homes in and around the Fort Collins area. For this reason and many more, be sure to consult Scottish when looking that perfect piece of stained glass decor for your Fort Collins home.  Pound for pound they are a relatively affordable home addition requiring no downtime. For more information contact us today about an heirloom quality stained glass window insert of your dreams.


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