Three Signs Your Broken Arrow Church Stained Glass Needs Repairs

Did you know that the majority of religious antique stained glass that’s housed in Broken Arrow churches is beginning to reach the age range that requires restoration? When stained glass is between 75 years and 100 years old, this is typically the time when stained glass starts to deteriorate requiring a complete restoration in order to keep these antiques intact. Broken Arrow churches that understand the historical significance and antique value of these religious stained glass pieces should begin considering restoration especially if they begin to notice these tell-tale signs of deterioration.

Signs of Deterioration that Indicate Required Restoration in Your Broken Arrow Church

Deterioration can manifest in a multitude of different ways in your religious antique stained glass. When observing your stained glass, it’s vital to examine all components including the glass itself, the lead came which frames and supports the stained glass, as well as the exterior wood framing. When examining the glass, if you notice any concave or convex pieces, warped glass, discoloration, missing pieces, and/or cracks and scratches, your stained glass is in need of restoration. If the lead came is disintegrating, warped, or creating a white film on the stained glass, these are also indicators that your stained glass requires restoration. If there’s noticeable damage to the exterior framework of your stained glass, the frames may need restoration as well.

Starting the Restoration Process for Broken Arrow Religious Stained Glass

When you find these signs of deterioration it’s vital to begin looking into the restoration process in order to lower costs and prevent any permanent damage that could make your stained glass ineligible for restoration. Finding the right stained glass studio with in-depth experience makes all the difference as well.

For more information regarding religious stained glass repair for your Broken Arrow church, please contact us or call: 1-866-846-5758

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