Three Signs Your Grand Junction Church Stained Glass Needs Repair

Grand Junction churches have some of the most unique, antique religious stained glass in the nation. These beautiful pieces of art do require restoration or repair in order to preserve their antique value. Many worshippers hold these stained glass pieces close to their heart since they offer so much symbolism and powerful, personal meaning to each individual. It can definitely be difficult to evaluate whether or not your stained glass is ready for restoration or simply requires some minor repairs. Here are three major signs signifying that your church’s stained glass requires restoration.

Signs Signifying that Your Grand Junction Church Stained Glass Requires Restoration

Stained glass does showcase signs of deterioration that alert us that they’re in need of restoration. If your Grand Junction church’s stained glass has any warped, concave or convex, cracked, damaged, or missing glass pieces, this is a definitely a sign that it requires restoration. Regardless of what caused the moderate to severe damage throughout the glass, without proper repairs, the damage will continue to worsen leading to higher costs and a more significant chance that it won’t be a candidate for restoration. The lead came that frames all the glass pieces is also another indicator depending on its condition. If any pieces are falling apart, sagging from the weight of the window, or showcasing a white film across the window itself, that is another sign that your stained glass requires restoration.

Restoration Process for Grand Junction Church Stained Glass Restoration

Scottish Stained Glass is always happy to provide on-site consultations to give you a professional perspective if you’re still uncertain if your stained glass requires restoration, repair, or replacement. Our renowned restoration process can restore antique value while returning your stained glass to its original condition.

For more information regarding restoration or deterioration of your Grand Junction church stained glass, please contact us!

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