Tips on How to Keep Your Dallas Church Stained Glass in Great Condition

Stained glass plays a major role in any church. Congregation members draw inspiration from these pieces of art during each service and start implementing them into their daily routines and family traditions. Stained glass can also have a significant impact in Dallas communities, providing great historic value. When properly maintained, stained glass can last for centuries. While stained glass will always need to undergo restoration every 75 years to 100 years, there are definitely things churches can do to keep their stained glass in great condition.

Regular Cleaning Tips for Dallas Church Stained Glass

Cleaning stained glass does require different cleaning methods than regular glass windows. It is important to never use anything abrasive when cleaning your stained glass– use a soft cloth for all regular cleanings. For the cleaning solution, it is important to never use anything acidic or with vinegar. Acidic cleaning agents will damage painted glass and accelerate the deterioration of the lead came, which supports the window. We recommend purchasing a neutral PH cleaner or mild soap and mixing it with distilled water to create a very gentle cleaner for your stained glass windows. Regular cleaning of protective glass panels, window frames, and any supports is vital in ensuring these integral parts remain in great condition as well.

Minor Repairs in Between Restorations for Your Dallas Church Stained Glass

Minor damage can happen at anytime. Whether vandalism or severe weather has impacted your stained glass, minor damage can always lead to bigger problems. The good news is that minor repairs can typically be completed without removing your stained glass windows. If you notice any minor damage and are interested in seeking repairs before more expensive restoration is required, we’re here to help!

For more information regarding proper stained glass maintenance and tips in your Dallas church, please contact us!

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