How Old Is The Stained Glass On Your San Antonio Home?

Dating Antique Stained Glass On San Antonio Homes

Texas is a young state but not too young to have a slew of antique stained glass windows on homes here. The fact of the matter is, this state was really coming into its own at the end of the 19th century and was thriving in the early 20th century. With so much money and population pouring into Texas in the early 1900s, it is no wonder there are so many antique stained glass windows in homes here. We get questions about the age of stained glass all the time. We love answering these questions because it means the homeowner is usually taking the first step toward preserving a piece of American history that is their stained glass windows. How exactly do you tell how old your stained glass is? Below are a few easy ways to begin to figure out when ti was made. We, at Scottish, can help you further figure it out by doing a thorough inspection of things like the structure and glass materials that may not be as obvious to the untrained eye. So, Start with the guide below and then give us a call for more info!

The Style Of Your Scottish Stained Glass Helps Determine Its Age

Stained glass went through some pretty specific eras here in the US, so the style of your San Antonio home’s stained glass window is a fairly good indicator of when it was made. If it is over 100 years of age it is an antique–so knowing the age is key to preservation. Something from the Victorian style is likely well over 100 years old while if it is in the Prairie Style of the early 1900s it is likely right around 100. If it looks Craftsmen style it is probably closer to 85-90 years old. However, even if your stained glass is not technically an antique–Tiffany stained glass or Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass could still be very valuable.

The Context Of Your Scottish Stained Glass Helps Determine Its Age

Just like the style of your stained glass is a great way to determine age, so too is the style and age of your San Antonio home. For instance, if you live in a bungalow, the stained glass in your home (if original) is likely the same age. This means if your home was built before 1919 it is antique. As mentioned above, any of the following styles would likely put your stained glass age at about 85+ years: Victorian Style, Prairie Style or Craftsman style.

Small Inscriptions And Signatures Could Help Determine The Age Of Your Stained Glass

While not all stained glass in homes here in San Antonio have marks or signatures at all–some do. Sure, you may not have noticed them because they are often small but many studios and artists in vintage times affixed signature plates to their work or signed them. These inscriptions not only tell you which stained glass studio made them (which would be a clue to their age) but also, a date very well could be inscribed there too. Take a look in the lower right-hand corner of your stained glass window where these inscriptions usually live.

For a detailed assessment of your San Antonio home’s stained glass age, value and state of repair contact us at Scottish Stained Glass in San Antonio to schedule an assessment.

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