Where to Start? Renovating Your Independence Church Stained Glass

Often times congregation members or clergy members will start to notice the deterioration of their church stained glass windows in Independence. These concerning signs lead to the realization that your stained glass windows need restoration or repair. The next step isn’t always as easy– finding a competent stained glass studio that specializes in renovating religious stained glass can be extremely difficult. Scottish Stained Glass is here to help you throughout the process of renovating your religious stained glass.

Renovation Process for Religious Stained Glass in Your Independence Church

The renovation process should always begin with in-depth on-site assessments that are conducted by independent stained glass artisans. This assessment should reflect property challenges leading to deterioration, individualized renovation plan, cost-benefit analysis, as well as an estimated project length and cost. Once you’ve chosen the stained glass studio you’d like to conduct the renovation, they should completely remove your religious stained glass and transport these panels back to their repair studio. From there your stained glass should be soaked in a blend of soapy water in order to remove all dirt and impurities that have built up over the last century. This also allows them to remove your stained glass piece-by-piece. An expert then restores each individual piece by finding perfect matching glass, having glass custom blown, or replicating painted glass by hand. This process can take over a month in order to restore every component. New lead came should be created as well for optimal restoration.

Benefits of Renovating Religious Stained Glass in Independence Churches

Proper renovation of antique religious stained glass can add another century before another renovation process is needed. Not only is the antique value maintained but your congregation can continue experiencing inspiration for years to come.

For more information regarding religious stained glass renovation for your Independence church, please contact us or call: (816) 399-3764


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