Which Stained Glass Styles Are Best for My Home?

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If you’ve ever visited a church with stained glass, you know exactly how captivating these eye-catching and enchanting works of art can be. As the sunlight pours through the glass, the colors, textures, and layers of paint are beautifully illuminated, giving the artwork a realistic, lifelike appearance. 


But did you know that these wondrous works of art can be beautifully integrated into your very own home? You too can become the proud owner of a stained glass window!


Now, you’re probably wondering which style of stained glass you should choose. After all, you want your home to look its best and the stained glass will be an important decorative feature. 


This article will teach you how to choose a stained glass style that complements your home’s architectural design. 

benefits stained glass windows

What Are the Benefits of Stained Glass?

Before we discuss the different styles of stained glass, let’s talk about its benefits. In addition to being very beautiful, stained and leaded glass windows also offer many practical benefits. Here are some of the reasons you should consider adding them to your home:


  • Privacy: Textured, beveled, and colored glass pieces distort shapes and images on the other side, which gives them the ability to create privacy. This makes them perfect for areas like bathrooms, bedrooms, and entryways. 
  • Natural light: Instead of installing curtains or blinds, you can use decorative glass to create privacy. This way, you don’t have to block out the lovely natural light you love. 
  • Security: Adding a stained glass window to your home will help you keep your belongings hidden and out of sight. 
  • Value: Any upgrades you make to your home will increase its value. Stained and leaded glass windows are eye-catching additions that will boost your home’s curb appeal and may even increase its resale value. 


how to choose stained glass style

How to Choose the Right Stained Glass Style for Your Home

Stained glass windows look their best when they’re placed in the right environment. To create an intentional, curated look, you want your artwork to complement rather than clash with its surroundings. For this reason, it’s important to consider the architectural design of your home when choosing a stained glass style. 


Think of it this way: If you worked in a zoo, you wouldn’t put a penguin in a jungle habitat. That would look unnatural and it just wouldn’t work. Each animal needs the right environment to thrive. 


The same principle can be applied to stained glass. You want to choose a style that complements the architectural and aesthetic nature of your home.


Below, we’ve provided some suggestions on which styles are best suited for different types of homes.

tudor style home

Tudor Style Homes

Tudor style architecture refers to buildings that exhibit design characteristics which were popular in the early 16th century in England. Tudor homes are characterized by steep roof lines, distinct cross gables, and tall, narrow windows. 


diamond stained glass

Best Match: Diamond, Leaded 


The type of stained glass that matches this architectural style the best is leaded glass. We highly recommend going with something traditional such as Diamond Leaded Glass or a simple leaded or beveled design. Either way, clear glass is the most popular choice for this architectural style. 

victorian style home

Victorian Houses

Victorian style homes exhibit design characteristics that were common during the Victorian Era (1860 to 1900). Often, these homes are highly detailed on the exterior and display beautiful, intricate designs. Shingle siding, steep roofs, and a-symmetrical facades are some of the common characteristics of these homes. 


floral antique stained glass

Best Match: Leaded, Beveled, Mackintosh, Floral, or Art Nouveau


When you’re working with a Victorian home, you can either choose to preserve its historic look or modernize it by adding new features with a more contemporary feel. We’ve seen both options done quite well. If you choose to go the modern route, we recommend a beveled or leaded glass window with clear glass. However, if you choose to preserve the vintage nature of your home, you may want to opt for a more traditional style such as Mackintosh, floral, or Art Nouveau with colored glass.

craftsman style home

Craftsman Homes

Craftsman style architecture was at the height of its popularity during the early 1900s, but is still beloved today and therefore remains common throughout the country. Craftsman homes emphasize the beauty of natural materials. They are characterized by low pitched roofs, large overhangs, and porches with square columns. 


prairie style stained glass window

Best Match: Prairie, Mission


Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the leaders of the Craftsman movement. Wright’s prairie style homes often featured stained glass windows that used a combination of clear and earth tone colors of glass. He used the stained glass as a way to draw in and control natural light. Prairie style and mission style stained glass windows exhibit the same characteristics and are therefore the best match for these homes. 

mediterranean style home

Mediterranean Style Houses

Also referred to as Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean style refers to an aesthetic which was heavily influenced by European architecture. In the United States, Mediterranean homes first became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Characterized by grand arches, low pitched roofs, and stucco siding, this architectural style still remains common today, especially in the southernmost regions of the country. 


leaded beveled stained glass

Best Match: Beveled, Leaded 


Stained glass styles made of clear glass such as leaded and beveled glass windows are best for Mediterranean style homes. Numerous design options are available with these styles. Textured glass can be used to control privacy and bevels can be added to create an elegant, modern look.

art deco style home

Art Deco

Art Deco was a popular style of architecture in the 1920s and 1930s. The style was influenced by a variety of sources, including Neoclassical, Constructivism, Cubism, Modernism, Art Nouveau, and Futurism. Colorful, modern, and vibrant, its flashy nature allowed it to quickly gain popularity in glamorous locations like Hollywood and Miami. Homes of this style typically feature flat roofs, stucco walls, and bold exterior décor. 


art deco stained glass

Best Match: Art Deco Stained Glass


It goes without saying that the best match for homes of this style is Art Deco stained glass. Like the movement itself, Art Deco stained glass is eye-catching and ornate. Designs typically feature bold colors and geometric patterns. These stained glass windows make excellent showpieces and can be used to establish a focal point in any room. 

colonial style home


Colonial style architecture originated in the 1600s. They became popular in the U.S. when the colonies were first being established by American settlers. Colonial homes can be described as formal and symmetrical. Often, they feature evenly spaced shuttered windows, dormers, columns, and chimneys and are rectangular in shape.


beveled stained glass

Best Match: Leaded, Beveled, Diamond, Antique 


Because these homes are old enough to be considered antiques themselves, there is an opportunity to play with vintage styles of stained glass. Colorful antiques can look quite natural and beautiful in older homes. For more modern Colonial homes, we recommend contemporary styles of stained glass with clear glass. Beveled glass, leaded glass, and diamond glass windows will look stunning in these homes. 


farmhouse style home


Though farmhouse style homes can now be found in modern neighborhoods throughout the country, they were originally built on rural land. These homes were created to support the lifestyle of those involved in the agricultural industry. Farmhouse homes exhibit a combination of characteristics from Victorian and Colonial architecture. They often feature large, functional porches and open floor plans. 


leaded glass

Best Match: Beveled, Leaded, Floral and Nature-Inspired


Farmhouse homes are a demonstration of the beauty of simplicity. Therefore, simpler stained glass styles are best suited for these homes. If clear glass is desired, we recommend beveled or leaded glass windows. Or, to add a touch of color to the room, opt for a whimsical floral or nature themed design. Reminiscent of sunny days spent countryside picnicking or on the farm, these designs are elegant, uplifting, and unique. 

ranch style home

Ranch Style Homes

Ranch style homes are characterized by an elongated single story and open layout. Often, they have wide roof eaves, large patios, and an attached garage. Minimalism is key to the ranch style aesthetic.



Best Match: Leaded, Beveled 


Leaded and beveled glass windows are an excellent match for ranch style homes. The use of clear glass speaks to the modernity and simplicity of this architectural style. A simple leaded glass transom or beveled sidelights at the home’s entryway will go a long way in making a big impact. 

contemporary style home

Contemporary Homes

“Contemporary” refers to homes which reflect the architectural trends taking place today. Right now, many contemporary architects are focusing on making the transition from indoors to outside completely seamless. These homes usually feature large windows or floor to ceiling glass and are filled with an abundance of natural light. Often, contemporary homes are built with sustainable, recycled, natural, and energy efficient materials. 


contemporary stained glass

Best Match: Leaded, Contemporary, Greene & Greene


Contemporary and artistic styles of stained glass are excellent options for these homes. Colorful, artistic, and abstract designs reflect the modern and futuristic nature of this architectural style. Greene & Greene and other nature-inspired stained glass designs are another great option that will emphasize the “bringing the outside-in” goal of contemporary architecture. Conversely, styles that rely solely on the use of clear glass such as leaded glass windows will also look splendid in these homes.


cape cod home

Cape Cod Homes

The Cape Cod style of architecture dates back to the 1600s. Inspired by European thatched cottages, these homes are often described as being “quaint” and “charming.” They are usually rectangular in shape and steep pitched roofs. Shingle siding, symmetrical facades, and large chimneys are common characteristics of these homes.


Best Match: Antique, Floral 


Almost any style of stained glass will look beautiful in a Cape Cod home. This means that you could opt for a simple beveled or leaded window in your entryway. However, there’s also an opportunity here to play with color. Many Cape Cod homes feature stained glass windows which incorporate a combination of clear and colored glass. Floral and nature inspired designs with a splash of color look quite enchanting in these homes. Antique and vintage stained glass windows are also great options for Cape Cod houses.


french provincial style home

French Provincial

Inspired by rural homes in the countryside of France, French Provincial homes became popular in America after World War I. Balance and symmetry are essential to these homes. The exterior is usually decorated by ornate carvings and mouldings, wrought iron, and slate tile or copper accented roofs. Steep pitched roofs and tall, narrow windows are also common characteristics of the French Provincial style.


leaded windows beveled

Best Match: Beveled, Leaded Glass, Fleur de Lis Stained Glass, Antique 


When you’re working with an older architectural style such as this, you want to make sure that you’re not choosing any stained glass styles that are too modern or flashy. A simple antique stained glass window with pastel colors or earthtones will work nicely. A fleur de lis design is also an excellent option for a French Provincial home. Colorless glass is another great choice. Beveled and leaded glass windows will emphasize the formal, elegant ambiance of these homes. 

bungalow style home

Bungalow House

Bungalows first became popular in the Northeast during the early 1900s. Originally, they were designed as a way of giving people with moderate income a stylish and practical living space. Bungalows are usually single story homes with full-width porches, open floor plans, and low-pitched roofs. 


Greene & Green Stained Glass

Best Match: Greene & Greene, Floral 


Bungalows lend themselves quite well to a variety of stained glass styles. However, our favorite options for Bungalows are Greene & Greene Stained Glass and Floral Stained Glass. These styles make great statement pieces. Because most Bungalows are quite simple in their design, you can get away with using brighter colored glass and more elaborate designs without making the room look too busy. 

american foursquare home

American Foursquare

American Foursquare homes were popularized during the late 1800s. They are generally cube-shaped with hipped roofs and full porches. Many foursquare homes also have a central dormer and are simple and symmetrical in their overall design.


prairie stained glass kitchen cabinets

Best Match: Prairie, Leaded, Antique 


The Arts and Crafts Movement was at its height during the time when foursquare homes became popular. For this reason, prairie style stained glass windows with clear lines and simple geometric patterns are an excellent option for Foursquare homes. Leaded glass windows are also a nice choice due to their simplicity. Even a simpler antique stained glass window with just a small splash of color will work wonderfully in these homes.


Get the Perfect Stained Glass Window to Match Your Home

Need help finding the right style of stained glass for your home? We’d be happy to assist! Call our office today to speak to an expert about your project or schedule a design consultation.

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