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Posted April 4th, 2022 by Martin Faith

Painted stained glass has a long history. Painting stained glass is a time-consuming and intricate procedure that requires many years of experience. We have over two decades of experience in all types of stained glass, including painted stained glass. Many skilled artists are employed by our facilities that specialize in stained glass painting projects. Continue reading to learn more about how these works of art are made

The Age-Old Tradition Of Painted Stained For Salt Lake City Churches

Churches in SLC may benefit from painted stained glass work. The process is difficult, but it’s not impossible. It’s a very scientific procedure. The hues you see on painted stained glass are the result of mineral-oily chemical reactions.

Painted Stained Glass Technique 1

In this process, the artist starts with glass that is already colored. They then paint it with special black paint made of oils and minerals. The piece is then fired in our kiln at 1250-1450 for a few hours until the paint melts into the glass. Once the two are fused together the paint becomes part of the glass and will never rub off.

Painted Stained Glass Technique 2

The second technique entails painting on translucent glass in one color at a time and then firing the color between layers to build up depth. Yellow is a difficult hue to accomplish. This is due to the harmful chemical utilized in yellows coloring, silver staining. Also, it has poor mixing properties with other hues. As a result, when our artists attempt to achieve the color green, they must paint the yellow on the opposite side of the glass so that it remains distinct from the blue. Despite being very time-consuming, this approach is still the greatest way to obtain true-to-life shading.

Salt Lake City’s Best Painted Stained Glass Artists

We are one of the country’s oldest and most seasoned stained glass studios. We know how to match any era’s painted stained glass. We can also design new stained glass art using traditional and modern processes. So, whether you’re looking for a genuine restoration on your antique stained glass or something fresh, we’re the best choice for you. To learn more about restored antique stained glass or brand-new work, contact us now.

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