Using Contemporary Stained Glass to Modernize Your Denver Church

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Stained Glass Can Help Fill Your Church with Light and Add a Splash of Color

Today, more and more churches are embracing the ideas of meditation and inner reflection. For this reason, churches are now refocusing the design and layout of their space to create an ambiance that’s peaceful, soothing, and welcoming, rather than sticking to the traditional looks that use ornate artwork, stone walls, and cold, hard surfaces.

In this new age, it may seem like stained glass no longer has a place in the modern Denver church. However, this is far from true. Stained glass, like all art forms, is constantly evolving. Churches today are not abandoning the idea of stained glass windows, but rather are using contemporary stained glass designs to modernize their Denver church. Here’s how.

How to Incorporate Contemporary Stained Glass in your Modern Church

Adding contemporary stained glass to your Denver church is a great way to fill your church interior with light and add a splash of color. Here are some ways you may want to consider adding stained glass to your church, temple, or chapel.

Create views to the outside.

Many people retreat to nature when they feel overwhelmed or need a break from the stress of life. Sunlight, exercise, and plants are all shown to have considerable benefits for our physical and mental health. Embrace the healing power of nature and open up your church to the beauty of the outdoors with large stained glass windows that illuminate the interior and bring the healing power of Mother Nature into your church.

Show off your church’s best features.

By strategically placing stained glass windows in your church, you can focus light and attention on its unique architectural features. Highlight your church altar, grand staircase, or fine artwork by shining light in the right direction.

Embrace characteristics of modern design

Modern design is all about creating a clean, elegant appearance. Distinct lines, neutral colors, and sparse use of pattern are all characteristics of contemporary design. Embrace the modern design aesthetic with contemporary stained glass windows that act as a focal point for your Denver church’s entrance or a particular room.

Get Advice from an Expert

Not sure how to incorporate contemporary stained glass in your Denver church? We can help! Contact us today to speak to an expert about your project or get more information.

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