How To Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration Projects in Colorado Springs

stained glass restoration colorado springs

Do you have a stained glass window that needs to be restored or repaired? You probably have some questions about where to start.

Very few people know how to make stained glass windows, much less repair them. It’s one of the oldest art forms in existence, so only a handful of people have the knowledge and skill to make repairs.

Nevertheless, it’s important to get stained glass fixed as soon as it’s broken. Even if it’s only a tiny section that’s cracked or damaged, it’s best not to wait. Otherwise, the whole thing may start to fall apart and the stained glass may be lost forever.

Below, we’ve provided some information on the process for stained glass restoration in Colorado Springs and how to go about getting the repairs.

Causes for Stained Glass Repair

Stained glass windows are just as susceptible to damage as any ordinary window. They’re built with stronger and longer-lasting materials, but they can still be broken in many of the same ways. Hail, heat, golf balls, rocks, and wind are just some of the things that can cause a stained glass window to break or slowly degrade.

The Process for Fixing a Broken Window

Stained glass restoration is the name of the method used to describe the process of repairing and reviving a stained glass window that has been broken, vandalized, or lost is structural integrity. Usually, this process is conducted off site at a studio or workshop.

The glazing putty is chipped away, the stained glass is removed, and it is brought to the repair shop for work. Then, once everything is cleaned and fixed, it is returned and reinstalled.

How to Get Started

If you have a stained glass window that needs repairs, it’s important to start looking for a repair expert right away. Here are some steps you can take to locate a reputable stained glass restoration company in Colorado Springs:
1. Read online reviews, including reviews on the Better Business Bureau website.
2. View photographs of past projects or go see them in person.
3. Ask for references and credentials when you call to schedule a consultation.

Schedule a Consultation with Scottish

Scottish Stained Glass is a nationally renowned stained glass company that specializes in the art of stained glass repair and restoration. Call our Colorado Springs team today to schedule a consultation.

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