Benefits of Antique Stained Glass Restoration for Fort Collins Historic Homes, Restaurants and Hotels

antique stained glass restoration fort collins

There is great value and virtue in preserving antique art. Antiques and collectibles are our ties to the past, the history and culture of mankind. When we look at the skill that many artists had to employ at the time of creation, we are amazed to find that their intellect far proceeded their time. And in today’s world of mass manufacturing, such handcrafted works are truly a rarity. All of these principles can be applied to the preservation of Fort Collins’ antique stained glass.

Fort Collins is a town rich with history and culture, and there is no shortage of the presence of stained glass in its architecture. With just a quick stroll through Old Town, one can see that stained glass is an important defining characteristic of Fort Collins homes and buildings. Whether a part of restaurants, hotels, churches, or homes, these antique stained glass windows are a treasure not to be taken for granted. By investing in stained glass restoration, owners of antique stained glass can preserve their beautiful artwork and the historic nature of their property.

Why Does Stained Glass Need Restoration?

Stained glass windows are designed to be structurally sound and hardy. But like paintings, sculptures, and all other art forms, stained glass does require upkeep in order to be kept in optimal condition. Sunlight, moisture, and heat break down the structural elements of stained glass over time. That is why all stained glass windows require restoration at some point in their lifetime.

Benefits of Preserving Antique Stained Glass

Besides the obvious sentimental reasons, there are many practical benefits that can be gained from preserving the antique stained glass in your Fort Collins home, church, or property. Here are a few of the many advantages:
1. Higher resale value – Preserving the antique stained glass in your property can result in a higher resale value
2. Privacy – Many stained glass windows are just as functional as they are beautiful and serve the purpose of creating privacy for those within the building
3. Natural light – Other methods of obtaining privacy such as blinds or curtains block out the sunlight and views of the outdoors whereas stained glass allows light to transmit uninterrupted throughout the interior

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