Turn your Fort Collins basement into a stunning entertainment room with stained glass!

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Because Fort Collins was founded in the 1800’s, there are many homes in the city that are easily over a hundred years old. While these historic homes tend to vary in their structure and style, many of them do seem to have one thing in common: basements. A basement can be a great thing to have as it provides extra space that can be used as a guest room, wine cellar, or entertainment room. And what better way to decorate the basement in your Fort Collins home than with stained glass!

Basement stained glass makes a stunning addition to historic homes and vintage properties. Its unique look and timeless beauty gives it ability to transform even the most drab and dreary basements. And it’s also great for letting extra light into your home. With the right stained glass piece, you can create a really beautiful look for your basement and turn it into the perfect space for entertaining your guests and family members.

3 Great Ideas for Decorating Your Basement With Stained Glass

Not sure how to incorporate stained glass into your basement? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! We asked our best interior designers and decorators for tips on using basement stained glass and this what they came up with.

1. Use stained glass to conceal unattractive window wells in your basement.
Window wells serve a necessary purpose in a basement. They let in the sun and allow brightness to enter a space that would otherwise be completely dark due to its underground setting. But the problem is that sometimes they can look rather unappealing, especially if they open up to nothing more than a brick wall or slab of concrete. Use stained glass to cover up window wells discreetly and create a captivating focal point for the room.

2. Add stained glass to your bar or wine cellar.
Adding stained glass to your basement bar or wine cellar is a great way to create a high end look for your home. It’s great for adding a touch of glamour and elegance to your basement and it’s also a unique feature too. And trust us, your guests will be completely captivated when you invite them into your wine cellar and they see the custom stained glass doors or windows in your home.

3. Opt for a stained glass family crest for an authentic pub look.
Family crest stained glass is a great way to celebrate your heritage and your family’s history. It’s also a great idea if you’re going for that “Irish pub look” in your bar. Add your family motto or an important symbol to your crest to make it personal and unique.

Scottish Stained Glass: Fort Collins’ Stained Glass Expert

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