Restaurant stained glass for a one of a kind look.

If you own a restaurant and are looking for a way to stand out from everybody else, Scottish Stained Glass has a unique and stunning solution. Custom stained glass will make your restaurant look unforgettable. It can add so much to your style and décor, your customers will just love the look.

With custom stained glass, restaurant owners can create a unique style that stands out. You might be surprised at all the different areas of a restaurant where you could add stained glass, to create a unified and elegant décor. Or a funky and fun décor. Or whatever kind of décor suits you, your patrons, and your cuisine. Because each stained glass restaurant window we do is custom designed, we can perfectly match your vision.

Let’s start with your front door. Over perhaps, over your front door. You could add stained glass into the door as an insert, with the name of our restaurant, the word “welcome” or any other design. Or we could make a hanging stained glass panel with your restaurant’s name that would hang above the front door.

What if you have large windows in the front of your establishment? Restaurant stained glass would really make your store stand out from the street, and it could serve a couple of useful purposes as well. It could create a more private atmosphere. And it could even block a bit of the sun, if it’s too strong for comfort.


Do you have a bar or a counter in your establishment? Restaurant stained glass makes a fabulous backdrop, colorful and eye-catching. We could custom design something truly memorable for your restaurant’s bar.

And what about the doors leading into the kitchen or the restrooms? Restaurant stained glass inserts would turn them into pieces of functional art! And you can be sure your patrons will notice and appreciate the effort.

Do you have recessed lighting in your ceiling? That can be a bit boring. It’s the lighting that sets the mood, frequently. How about stained glass lighting fixtures in colors that match and complement your décor? Or perhaps, if you have skylights, you might want to replace them with stained glass skylights that would still let the light through but would make a major design impact.

When it comes to restaurant stained glass, here’s what you need to remember: where there is glass, there can be stained glass! Any shape, any size. Any style, any design.

For more information about restaurant stained glass, why not give Scottish Stained Glass a call? We will send one of our talented design staff to meet with you right in your restaurant, to develop the perfect custom designs that will leave your customers talking.

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