The Durability of Stained Glass – Myths vs. Facts in Salt Lake

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When considering installing stained glass in your Salt Lake home, durability may be a concern. Stained glass undoubtedly carries an elegant, delicate aesthetic. However, several myths about its fragility and upkeep overshadow the reality of stained glass’s longevity and resilience. Here we dispel common myths with facts about the durability of quality stained glass.

Myths About Stained Glass Durability

Stained glass carries a reputation for fragility and high maintenance needs. Some common myths include:

  • Stained glass quickly decays, fades and loses its beauty over time
  • It cannot withstand harsh weather and will crack easily
  • Stained glass requires extremely diligent cleaning and care
  • Repairing broken stained glass is impossible
  • Any building vibration or shaking will destroy it

However, modern stained glass proves far more durable, resilient, and low-maintenance than its age-old reputation suggests. The reality of quality stained glass:

Long-Lasting Materials

  • Stained glass is crafted from glass, a material forged in extreme heat. It resists cracking or melting.
  • When properly sealed against humidity and insulation, colors remain vibrant for decades.
  • Reputable stained glass contains UV inhibitors to prevent fading.

Strength Through Quality Craftsmanship

  • Leaded designs absorb shocks and collisions better than large fixed sheets.
  • Copper foil construction allows more flexibility and durability than lead.
  • Expert fabrication ensures longevity. Well-constructed pieces withstand vibration and time.

Minimal Upkeep Needs

  • Basic periodic cleaning is all stained glass required when professionally installed.
  • Any repairs needed over decades of use are very minor.
  • Unlike other windows, stained glass never requires painting, staining or refinishing.

Restoration Capabilities

  1. Many stained glass makers offer repair services to restore any damage.
  2. Services include glass replacement, soldering fixes, rebuilding supports, weatherproofing, cleaning, and polishing.
  3. With expert care, stained glass can serve homes beautifully for generations.

Trust Salt Lake Stained Glass Experts

By understanding the truth behind common myths, homeowners in Salt Lake can appreciate stained glass’s enduring magnificence. To ensure your stained glass project offers lasting durability with minimal upkeep, trust experts like Scottish Stained Glass. Discover more by contacting us at today. We have nearly a century of stained glass mastery!

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