San Antonio Church Stained Glass Restoration: Warning Signs of Deterioration

san antonio church stained glass restoration

If your church has stained glass windows that of a very old age or are historic, it’s important to inspect them every once in a while to identify signs of deterioration. Catching damage early on can prevent the further degradation of the window and reduce the risk of safety hazards. In the case that your San Antonio church stained glass needs restoration, it’s better to get it done sooner rather than later.

Signs of Degradation & Structural Damage

Most of the sign, signs of degradation and structural damage can be detected with a quick examination. If you’ve noticed that your windows are not as clear as they once were or that the colors don’t seem vibrant, this is also a sign that the glass may need to taken in for cleaning. Stand near the glass and inspect it carefully, looking up and down. Check for the following warning signs during the examination:

  • Steel bars that have separated from the glass or are broken in places
  • Putty that is chipped or falling out of place
  • Yellowing in the glass or in the plexiglass covering (if there is one)
  • Split, cracked, warped, or missing glass pieces
  • Areas where the glass feels loose upon touch
  • Changes in the shape of the glass or leading
  • san antonio stained glass restoration

    Repair Vs. Replacement

    In some cases, it may be a better idea to replace a window instead of restore it. The reverse is also true. Replacement is usually recommended for newer, more modern glass installations since the cost of restoration outweighs the value of the glass. On the other hand, if the window is very old or has historic significance, it could be valuable and therefore restoration would make more sense. For San Antonio, church stained glass restoration is the more common of the two.

    Here is an example of a restoration we recently completed in Texas:

    Get Advice from an Expert

    If you’re not sure whether your San Antonio church needs stained glass restoration, it may be best to consult an expert. If this is the case, we would be happy to assist with the matter. Our team has 25 years of industry experience and has conducted numerous repairs and restorations. Call our office today to be connected to one of our friendly staff members.

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