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Religious Stained Glass Restoration & Repair in Atlanta

Religious stained glass restoration and repair make up a large part of our book of business here at Scottish Stained Glass. It is also something we are rather fond of. For over two decades we have had the privilege of preserving some of this country’s most lovely historical church stained glass on chapels large and small. Our breadth of experience means that we can restore or repair any church stained glass here in the Atlanta area deftly. Stained glass restoration is something that requires a deep knowledge of repair methods and techniques old and new. However, it is also critical a stained glass restoration expert, like us, understands how to work with religious organizations and its various stakeholders as well. With two decades of experience working with delicate stained glass and church politics, Scottish Stained Glass is an excellent choice to handle your Atlanta church stained glass restoration. and makes us a great choice for your church stained glass project.  

The Church Stained Glass Restoration Process

The first step in any church stained glass restoration or repair is an inspection of the glass. We look closely at every detail to determine whether your stained glass needs drop in repairs or full restoration. Once this is complete we give you a fully transparent bid with pricing, scope and a proposed timeline. We understand that cost is a major deterrent for many churches. This is why we offer help and advice on historical grants and other fundraising ideas that we have seen other church clients use in the past. Once the stained chapel stained glass restoration is financed, we begin the repair, restoration or replacement process–which you can read about here

Repair, Restore or Replace Stained Glass Windows on Your Atlanta Church?

The question of whether to restore or repair the stained glass of your Atlanta church really depends on their condition. Some damage can be repaired easily without removing the window. Things like missing leading cracked stained glass panels and cleaning are all things that can be done with the windows in place. However, if the damage is extensive, is structural or the windows are over 80 years old the best option is usually restoration. We have the skills and infrastructure in place to remove church stained glass windows for restoration of any size. Furthermore, the windows will look exactly the same but more brilliant when we are done restoring them.  

The Question of Restoration vs. Replacement

This can be a matter of great debate for some congregations. While we make stunning custom stained glass windows for churches all the time, If your church has historical value–restoring rather than replacing is usually a good idea. Also, these windows usually have massive sentimental value to your church parishioners. So, when considering the cost of restoring vs. repairing do not forget to factor in the countless events your Atlanta church windows have witnessed. Unless the stained glass is damaged beyond repair, we usually recommend opting for a restoration of what is arguably a priceless part of your Atlanta church.  

To get an idea of what type of repairs your Atlanta church’s stained glass windows need, get the conversation started today by contacting us at Scottish Stained Glass! 

Scottish Stained Glass in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is the ever-growing capital of the state of Georgia, and this beautiful city is full of homes that can benefit from Scottish Stained Glass. Our authentic process of building stained glass has made us the only studio of our kind in the country, and our expert designers can help you create something you really love today! Our unique process allows us to create beautiful custom pieces for Atlanta homeowners, so let us show you the possibilities for your home.

Custom Stained Glass Atlanta

Many homes throughout this beautiful city can benefit from the addition of stained glass. Our process begins with a consultation with one of our expert designers to begin getting a grasp on what types of styles you prefer.  Whether you’re interested in modern designs, or something more traditional, we can design the perfect piece for you.

Because we make each leaded glass window custom, we are able to create pieces for any area of your home, regardless of the shape or size that you need. Some of our most popular applications include privacy options for bathrooms, sidelights, doors, kitchens, and bedrooms.  No matter where you’re looking to add our beautiful glasswork to your home, our designers can offer you a wide array of possibilities.

While considering stained glass for your home, browse through our website and our many phones numbers to get a good idea of what styles you prefer.  If you see a design that you like, we can always work with it to fit your unique space and tweak it to fit your own personal style as well. Some of our most popular styles include Prairie Style, Art Deco, Mission, or the more traditional Art Nouveau, Celtic, and floral designs.

The versatility of our product and process allow us to truly create one of a kind windows that match the homeowner’s personal tastes and style exactly.  Our expert team has experience working with a wide range of styles that come with any big city, including those in Atlanta.

Retail Stained Glass In Atlanta

Stained glass is often thought of, first and foremost, as a way for churches, mosques, and synagogues to adorn their sanctuaries, chapels, and temples.  Next most popular is likely stained glass as a decorative element for homes here in Atlanta and across the country. However, there is a growing trend emerging in which stained glass is being used as a decorative vessel in high-end retail construction projects.  More and more this type of application is proving that stained glass is not just for older or religious buildings–but fit for the modern world of commerce: as a branding tool, as a privacy solution and especially as an amazing design element. Atlanta retail spaces that outfit their location(s) with stained glass truly stand out from everyone else–because these type of installations are stunning and will most assuredly be remembered.  Furthermore, stained glass in Atlanta retail spaces gives a location an undeniable high-end feel, which is a great way to attract affluent patrons. Lastly, stained glass used as a decorative element in stores in highly trafficked areas not only gives shoppers the attractive design they love–but the functionality they need. This is because stained glass allows for full or partial privacy on oftentimes copious display windows on a storefront. More than just an added bonus, stained glass windows are a necessity in today’s crowded retail world.  With stained glass on your Atlanta commercial location your patrons are able to shop peacefully at your lovely location, free from curious, outside glances but in no way closed off from the ambiance of the hustle and bustle around them.

Atlanta Church Stained Glass

Stained glass has been used in religious settings for seemingly eons.  For the most part, stained glass was, in the beginning, used to teach poor people who couldn’t read about the bible stories.  The use of symbolic colors and clear characters helped churches educate the masses on the message of Christ. Today, church stained glass is made with the same deep significance but also to create lovely places beneath which celebrations of life, death, and unions take place and also as memorials to those who have left us to be forever remembered. Here at  Scottish Stained Glass in Atlanta, one of our greatest talents is creating stained glass for the modern church. These masterpieces, are something we have been creating for almost 3 decades and will be happy to partner with your church, temple, mosque or synagogue on anything from new stained glass installations to memorial stained glass creation. We’ve worked on everything from stained glass domes and ceilings to signage and from crosses to altar furniture all to create unique, church stained glass that will be in Atlanta congregations for decades to come

Scottish Stained Glass Atlanta

Stained glass isn’t just for churches anymore; in fact, we offer a selection of colorless glass to create your window if colors just aren’t your thing. If you would like to learn more about our process for stained glass in Atlanta, or in any city in Georgia, give us a call or send an email today.  We’ll be in touch with you within 48 business hours to begin working on your custom piece of glass artwork immediately!

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