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Custom Entryway Stained Glass Makes Colorado Springs Homes Shine


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If you own your own Colorado Springs home, that might be one of the biggest investments you will ever make. You might have shopped long and hard for the most perfect home for you and your family, or spent long hours with your architects and builder if you have designed your own home.

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, one of our most popular Colorado Springs commissions is for entryway stained glass. We have worked with builders and contractors, but we have also worked with homeowners who have purchased an existing home but want to change up their entryways.

What is a stained glass entryway? It usually consists of stained glass in the sidelights next to the front door, a transom window that might be above the front door to let in extra light, or even an insert in the front door itself. Gorgeous, and practical! In Colorado Springs, stained glass entryways make sense for a variety of different reasons:

1. If your home is in a development or neighborhood where the houses all look alike, you might want some uniqueness. After all, you’ve probably spent countless time and money making sure that your furnishings, your artwork, even your landscaping shows off your tastes and your personality. Why should your entryway be any different? This is the part of your home that guests will see first and foremost, before they walk inside. Don’t you want it to make as magnificent an impression as possible?

2. Stained glass entryways add value to your home. This might be of little importance when you first move in, but you’ll quickly see the added value if you ever put your home on the market to sell. Stained glass is so classic, so elegant, and so gorgeous, it creates a look that prospective buyers will not forget.

3. Stained glass in your Colorado Springs entryway can provide extra privacy, while still letting the light flow through. These days, people seem to be losing privacy with identity thefts running rampant, government agencies monitoring, and social media spreading details of personal lives in an instant. But perhaps the main place we seek privacy is in our own homes. If you don’t like people being able to see into your home through your sidelights, stained glass is the perfect solution.

At Scottish Stained Glass, our twenty plus years of experience has shown us that the vast majority of our Colorado Springs entryway stained glass customers prefer colorless glass. Usually a combination of frosted and beveled glass, these windows offer beauty, value, privacy, uniqueness, and a high-end designer look.

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