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Indianapolis’s Number One Custom Stained Glass Studio

Indianapolis, Indiana is a Midwest city with a diverse economy, rich history, a strong tourism industry, and fast growth. There are many neighborhoods in Indianapolis which have all had a focus on redevelopment, helping to strengthen the economy and progress of the city. The city’s homes, therefore, vary in design and style. There are historical, contemporary, traditional, trendy, and even eclectic styles that extend through the city and neighborhoods of Indianapolis. No matter what Indianapolis neighborhood your home is in, Scottish Stained Glass can create a well-designed and unique piece of art for your residence that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. All of our stained and leaded glass windows are custom-designed which makes it possible to reflect both you and your home’s distinctive style. Within a larger city such as Indianapolis, rampant with architectural and cultural diversity, it is important to make your home stand out. Though all of our stained glass windows are custom made and designed, the designers at Scottish Stained glass have been influenced and inspired by a variety of styles and people. We have created stained and leaded glass windows that are contemporary, Celtic inspired, reminiscent of Prairie Style, and even several that are designed in more traditional styles. Whatever your personal style preference may be, Scottish Stained Glass can reflect it in the window’s design.


Beautiful Stained Glass Options for Your Indianapolis Home

Our custom stained glass is the perfect addition to any Indianapolis home because no matter the size, shape, or location of your existing windows, we can create a unique and beautiful piece, individualized for you. Privacy is an important issue in every home. Many neighborhoods in Indianapolis have houses that are built fairly close together, allowing neighbors to see into your home, especially at night. This is particularly relevant in areas such as entryways, bathrooms, and bedrooms that can allow direct views into the interior spaces. Scottish Stained Glass can functionally, elegantly, and affordably solve this problem by installing stained and leaded glass windows. The views into your home are eliminated through a variety of textured glass, but you do not lose the natural light from the Indiana sun, which is especially important when the Midwestern clouds tend to block it so often. Stained glass also deflects the direct light, helping to avoid unnecessary and excessive heat in a certain space.

Privacy is not the only practical reason to apply stained glass in your Indianapolis home. Basement windows are another practical yet interesting location to apply stained glass. Natural light is important in basements, but oftentimes there are unattractive views of window wells that you want to avoid. Stained glass will allow that natural light to keep coming into space while replacing the unpleasant view with a beautiful, customized piece. We have also installed many of our stained glass pieces in kitchens, both in windows and in cabinets. Stained glass in your kitchen cabinets is a great way to lighten a kitchen while incorporating unique design elements. There are many areas of a home that can benefit from this elegant, functional feature. Just let us know what inspires you and we’ll bring your ideas to life!

Bathroom Windows, Showers & Cabinets

Bathroom stained glass can create a secluded, tranquil atmosphere for your Indianapolis home. All bathrooms need privacy and stained glass beautifully fulfills this purpose with the added benefit of bringing light into your home. While curtains diminish light, our bathroom privacy windows allow for full daylight transmission, preserving the bright and airy ambiance of your bathroom. They are artistic and elegant features that are easily integrated into cabinets, shower doors, bathroom doors, windows, and more.

Doors, Sidelights & Entryways

Entryway stained glass is a lovely choice for Indy homes because it is equally beautiful as it is functional. Whether integrated into sidelights, transoms, or a front door, it looks simply stunning. Additionally, the textures and designs help conceal the inner workings of your home, keeping your belongings out of sight. From Meridian Kessler to Fountain Square and beyond, homes all throughout Indiana can enjoy the benefits of these eye-catching and practical additions.

Kitchen Windows & Cupboards

Is your kitchen your happy place? You can make it even more special with kitchen stained glass. Perhaps you own a home in Carmel where you love hosting dinners and entertaining guests. Or maybe you live in an artsy neighborhood like Broad Ripple where cute, colorful homes can be found all along the Monon. Whether you opt for a colorless beveled or contemporary design or something bold and colorful, you’re sure to enjoy this beautiful, functional addition to your kitchen! Let us show you how stained glass inserts can add sparkle to your kitchen cabinets, pantry, interior doors, or windows!

Transoms & Interior Doors

Stained and leaded glass are beautiful choices for embellishing transoms and interior doors. While flat glass is traditional for these areas, it can leave them looking rather ordinary and mundane. Swapping out the plain glass with a custom stained glass window instantly enhances these areas, transforming them from plain features into eye-catching works of art. Our artists can produce a variety of styles for these applications including prairie, art deco, beveled, floral, and more.

Custom Commercial Stained Glass for Indianapolis Businesses

Stained glass is a highly versatile medium that can be utilized for numerous visual marketing opportunities. Enhance your business with custom stained glass! Transform any existing space by adding both function and beauty. Stained glass can double as a privacy solution, offering an elegant alternative for your business. Stained glass features are often utilized as beautiful photo backdrops by patrons, making this an excellent opportunity for hotels, storefronts, and companies in any industry.

Religious Stained Glass for Your Indianapolis House of Worship

Religious stained glass can add stunning beauty, privacy, and inspiration for your house of worship. Custom stained glass gives you the opportunity to convey important teachings, figures, and more that are significant to your congregation. Stained glass can attract new congregation members while helping retain more members. The right stained glass feature can even make your church a tourist destination. Church stained glass can attract viewers from around the nation and even around the globe.

Stained Glass Restoration for Indianapolis Churches, Historic Properties, and More

Stained glass restoration provides the opportunity to preserve treasured stained glass panels for at least another century. Our exclusive stained glass restoration process ensures better structural integrity while bringing your stained glass back to its original, new condition. Stained glass restoration preserves the antique, historic, and sentimental value, ensuring feature generations with the opportunity to enjoy it as well. Restoration is also a cost-effective alternative to replacement.

Serving all of Indy and Beyond

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be Indianapolis’ trusted source for handmade, artisan stained glass. All of our work is completely original and made to order, so you can trust that you’re getting a one-of-a-kind custom creation. We work all throughout the Indianapolis area, including the neighborhoods of Castleton, Crooked Creek, Fishers, Zionsville, North Willow, Fall Creek, Downtown, Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, and beyond. Simply call our office and one of our designers will arrange a time to speak with you about your ideas.

Work with Indianapolis’ Preferred Stained Glass Studio

Scottish Stained Glass serves all of Indianapolis, as well as the entire state of Indiana, including South Bend and Bloomington. The talented designers at Scottish Stained Glass will work with you to design gorgeous, high-quality stained glass windows. Our extensive, thorough, yet fun and exciting design process allow us to communicate with you over the phone, through mail, and via computers. No matter your location, all of these steps ensure that your custom stained glass window design and installation process goes smoothly. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your stained glass project soon!

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