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In Kansas City, stained glass has traditionally been used mainly in windows, but that is not the only place it can be installed. One of our favorite places to see stained glass is in a kitchen, whether it is in the windows, the interior or exterior doors, or in the kitchen cabinet doors.

With the addition of kitchen stained glass, Kansas City homeowners and kitchen lovers report something quite remarkable: It seems to completely alter and enhance the look of a kitchen, giving it a wow factor that no other kind of artwork will afford.

You might be unfamiliar with kitchen cabinet stained glass. Let’s look at one scenario: you’ve just moved into an older Kansas City home, and wish the kitchen was a bit more striking, a bit more modern, or a bit more lovely. But you don’t really want to redo the entire kitchen.
Does that kitchen have a window? For kitchens in Kansas City, stained glass windows can be just the first step in creating a dramatic new look that you and your family will never get tired of. After all, stained glass is a classic form of glass art, but it can be done in any style, pattern, design, and colors to suit both your tastes and the décor of your kitchen or architecture.

Kansas City stained glass has been around for a long time. You have probably seen it in the city’s churches and older homes. But have you ever seen stained glass kitchen cabinets? If not, they are truly eye catching, room-enhancing, and utterly captivating. Some of our clients prefer it made with clear glass, so they can admire the fine china, vases, or other glassware that rests within the cabinets. Other clients prefer colored glass, to add a dramatic splash of vibrancy and life to the kitchen. This works fantastic with a white or neutral colored kitchen. And yet other clients like frosted and beveled glass in their kitchen cabinet doors, to match the stained glass kitchen windows or sliding glass door we’ve done for them. Can you imagine how this would totally change the look of your kitchen?

For a look at some of the kitchen and cabinet stained glass Kansas City and other city’s residents have been commissioning from us, take a look at our kitchen gallery. And remember, when it comes to stained glass, your imagination, your tastes, your style are what we go by to create a design. Of course, when we come to your home for a consultation, we will show you many styles and designs we’ve already created. But if kitchen décor is really your thing, and you have your own ideas, we would love to see them and bring them into fruition for you.

For kitchen or kitchen cabinet stained glass, Kansas City and the adjacent areas, why not contact us today and set up an appointment with one of our local stained glass designers?

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