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Chicago’s Finest Homes Deserve the Highest Quality Stained Glass

Many of Chicago’s varied architectural styles lend themselves to the addition of stained glass. A number of older homes have beautiful spots for stained glass in their kitchen cabinets, odd shaped windows, and transoms. In these older neighborhoods we can create stained glass designs that match with the home’s intent. We can match traditional styles including those of Prairie Style Stained Glass, Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass, Celtic Stained Glass, Art Deco Stained Glass, Art Nouveau Stained Glass, and even Greene & Green Stained Glass.

In Chicago’s newer homes, our stained glass is perfect in many of today’s large bathroom windows and glass filled entryways. In these applications, Scottish Stained Glass provides a touch of elegance with our handcrafted works of art, while adding much needed privacy to many areas in your home.  Large windows offer the opportunity for great natural light in a home.  However, especially in a metropolitan area like Chicago, homes are often close together which means less privacy near those large windows.  By adding beautifully designed glass to your home you can keep the natural light that you love while actually improving your privacy.

Adding stained glass to your traditional home will help you to keep the charming Chicago feeling that you love, while adding the practicality and reliability of new, modern windows.  All of our windows are custom designed, and made to last, so we can match the style of your home, whatever that may be.  This customization allows you to make a personal statement with your stained glass windows, while staying true to the original architecture of your home.

Retail Stained Glass In Chicago

Stained glass has long been a fixture in churches, mosques, and synagogues to decorate their sanctuaries, chapels, and temples and also serves to illustrate spiritual truths.  Another popular place for stained glass was and is in houses across the USA for both decorative and functional privacy purposes. However, there is a fantastic emerging trend in which stained glass is being added as a decorative element in modern retail construction projects.  As this trend grows we are getting more and more architects, builders and retail moguls reaching out to us to further popularize this brilliant application of stained glass and we absolutely love it. This trend is proving that art form of stained glass is not just for religious and home decor but a way to modernize the world of commerce: as a branding tool, as a privacy solution and a custom pleasing design element.   Chicago retail spaces with stained glass simply stand out. These type of installations catch both the light and thereby the eyes of those passing by and will most assuredly be remembered. Also, stained glass in Chicago retail spaces lends a certain high-end fell to a location, attracting affluent patrons willing to spend. While stained glass is clearly a coveted decorative element, it also is a way to give a perfectly fully curated shopping experience to those in your store. Immersing them in a lovely world created just for them.  This type of experience is proven to boost sales and is, in its own way functional. This is because stained glass windows on storefronts give customers full or partial privacy as they shop. h In the hustle and bustle world of Chicago retail, this is a great way to allow your patrons to shop peacefully in a sometimes crowded retail scene but never closes them off from the world.

Chicago Church Stained Glass

Stained glass has been used in religious settings for hundreds, if not thousands of years. For the most part, stained glass was used to decorate churches but also used as a tool to teach poor people who couldn’t read about the bible stories.  The use of clear symbolic colors and characters helped churches educate the masses on the message of love and unity. Today, church stained glass is just as lovely and even significant in different ways. It is used to create ethereal places beneath which to celebrate life, mourn death and join together holy unions. Furthermore, something like custom church stained glass, donated by families for a passed loved one, is a way to memorialize those who are gone and help them to be remembered. Here at  Scottish Stained Glass in Chicago, one of the many forms of stained glass art we create is stained glass for the modern church. We have been doing so for over 3 decades and are happy to partner with any church in the Chicago area to create striking stained glass windows for churches, temples, mosques or synagogues. We also can design and create something unique to your congregation, like a memorial stained glass for a beloved member who has passed away. We’ve worked on everything from stained glass domes and ceilings to stained glass signage and from crosses to stained glass altar decor and can certainly create a unique, stained glass masterpiece that will be in Chicago congregations for centuries come.


Keeping Chicago Green

Chicago’s sterling reputation as a “green” city can also be carried into your home using Scottish Stained Glass. Our beautiful Stained Glass Window designs add a natural flair to your interior.  We provide a multitude of colorful and beautiful stained glass options that include designs that will bring the outdoors inside in any space. Learn more by visiting our Aspen Stained Glass page.

Stained Glass in Illinois

Scottish Stained Glass does not just serve Chicago, but also the entire state of Illinois. Whether you live in Peoria, Champaign, Decatur, Springfield, Bloomington, or Rockford, Scottish Stained Glass can work with you to design beautiful and functional stained glass. Our process allows us to collaborate with you over the phone, mail, and computer to ensure that your stained glass design installation process goes smoothly no matter where you live. We look forward to working on your stained glass project soon!

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