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Chicago Stained Glass Window Experts

At Scottish Stained Glass, we’re proud to serve as Chicago’s top experts in stained glass window design and installation. Over our many years of operation, we’ve transformed countless homes and commercial spaces in the Windy City with our exquisite, handcrafted stained glass windows. With a diverse repertoire that spans a wide range of styles, including traditional, modern, and everything in between, our team is adept at creating custom designs that meet each client’s unique needs and tastes. Our strong presence in Chicago can be attributed to our meticulous attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship, and dedication to client satisfaction. We’ve collaborated with architects, interior designers, and homeowners to create captivating windows that serve as focal points in their spaces. Beyond aesthetics, our stained glass windows offer several practical benefits like improved privacy and natural light control. All our pieces are fabricated locally, maintaining the age-old tradition of stained glass making, while incorporating modern techniques for durability and longevity. In a bustling city like Chicago, we’ve created tranquil, vibrant sanctuaries within urban dwellings.

Complimentary Stained Glass Consultations

We believe in providing the highest level of service to our Chicago clients, which is why we offer complimentary stained glass consultations. Whether you live in the historic neighborhood of Wicker Park or the picturesque suburbs of Oak Park, our experts are ready to listen to your ideas, discuss your vision, and provide professional guidance to help you create the perfect stained glass addition for your home or commercial space.

Our Mission – The Beauty and Elegance of Stained Glass

At the core of Scottish Stained Glass is a deep-rooted appreciation for the inherent beauty and elegance of stained glass. It’s our mission to share this age-old art form with the vibrant city of Chicago. Our stained glass windows are more than mere decorations—they’re expressive pieces of art that encapsulate timeless beauty and personal stories. Each design is meticulously crafted with a blend of vibrant hues and intricate patterns, creating a symphony of light and color that captivates all who behold it. Our commitment to preserving this traditional art form while infusing it with contemporary styles has made us a trusted name in Chicago’s architectural and interior design circles.

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Custom Designed Church Stained Glass

Reinvigorate your place of worship with our custom-designed church stained glass services. At Scottish Stained Glass, we understand the symbolic and historical significance that stained glass holds within a religious context. Our designers can craft pieces that reflect biblical narratives, create an atmosphere of reverence, or represent the unique ethos of your congregation. Our custom designs range from traditional to contemporary, always paying respect to the sacred spirit of your Chicago church.

Stained Glass Repair & Restoration For Churches

Chicago’s churches are home to some of the city’s most iconic stained glass windows. At Scottish Stained Glass, we offer specialized repair and restoration services tailored to the specific needs of church stained glass. Our team of experts works meticulously to restore these ecclesiastical masterpieces to their original glory, preserving their historical and spiritual significance for future generations. Regardless of the scale of damage or complexity of design, our craftsmen are equipped to handle it with the care and respect it deserves.

Chicago’s Leaders in Stained Glass Restoration

Preserving the historical integrity of Chicago’s stained glass treasures is a responsibility we take very seriously at Scottish Stained Glass. We have a dedicated team of experienced craftsmen who specialize in stained glass restoration. From delicate repairs to full-scale restorations, our experts use traditional techniques combined with modern technology to breathe new life into aging stained glass. Our restoration process respects the original design while ensuring the longevity of the piece.

Get a Free Church Stained Glass Restoration Estimate

If your Chicago church is in need of stained glass restoration, contact us today to schedule a free estimate. Our experienced team will assess the condition of your stained glass windows, provide expert recommendations for restoration, and offer a detailed cost estimate. We understand the value and importance of church stained glass and are committed to preserving its beauty for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. Let us guide you through the restoration process and help breathe new life into your cherished stained glass windows.

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The Benefits of Church Stained Glass Repair and Restoration

Preserving the beauty and historical significance of church stained glass is of utmost importance. At Scottish Stained Glass, we understand the value and significance of church stained glass repair and restoration in Chicago. It not only ensures the longevity and integrity of these magnificent artworks but also maintains the spiritual ambiance and cultural heritage of the congregation. Church stained glass repair and restoration offer a range of benefits, including preserving the historical value of the windows, enhancing the visual appeal of the church, and creating a serene and sacred atmosphere for worshipers. Additionally, it can increase the overall value of the church property and serve as a testament to the congregation’s commitment to preserving their heritage.


Church Stained Glass Restoration Process

Our church stained glass restoration process is comprehensive and meticulous, ensuring the highest quality results. From the initial assessment to the final installation, our team of skilled craftsmen and restoration experts handle each step with care and precision. We begin by assessing the condition of the stained glass windows, identifying any areas of damage or deterioration. We then develop a tailored restoration plan, which may include cleaning, repairing broken or damaged glass pieces, reinforcing weakened sections, and re-leading the panels if necessary. Throughout the process, we strive to preserve the unique artistry and historical significance of the stained glass, ensuring a seamless restoration that honors its original design and craftsmanship.


Stained Glass for Commercial Spaces in Chicago

Enhance the visual appeal and ambiance of your Chicago commercial space with custom stained glass features from Scottish Stained Glass. Whether you own a bar in Wrigleyville, a restaurant in the Loop, or a hotel along the Magnificent Mile, our expert team can design and create stunning stained glass installations that captivate customers and leave a lasting impression.

Stained Glass Benefits for Chicago Commercial Spaces

Stained glass features offer numerous benefits for Chicago businesses. They create a unique and visually captivating environment, enhance privacy, and set your establishment apart from the competition. Whether you’re looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your restaurant or a sophisticated and charming ambiance in your bar, stained glass features add a touch of elegance and character to your space.

Stained Glass for Chicago Bars

Make your Chicago bar stand out with custom stained glass installations. Whether you own a trendy spot in River North or a historic establishment in Old Town, stained glass features add a touch of artistry and allure. Our skilled artisans can design and create custom stained glass pieces that reflect the unique atmosphere of your bar and create an unforgettable experience for your patrons.

Stained Glass for Chicago Restaurants

Elevate the dining experience in your Chicago restaurant with exquisite stained glass features. Whether you own a fine dining establishment in the Gold Coast or a cozy eatery in Lincoln Park, stained glass adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Our talented craftsmen can create custom stained glass pieces that complement your restaurant’s theme and create a captivating ambiance that enhances the overall dining experience.

Stained Glass for Chicago Hotels

Add a touch of luxury and elegance to your Chicago hotel with custom stained glass features. Whether you own a boutique hotel in River West or a grand establishment in the Loop, stained glass installations create a visual spectacle that delights guests. Our expert team can design and create custom stained glass pieces that reflect the unique character of your hotel, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and enhancing their overall stay.

The Commercial Stained Glass Repair Process

Our commercial stained glass repair process involves a meticulous and comprehensive approach to ensure the highest quality results. From the initial assessment to the final installation, our skilled craftsmen and artisans handle every step with care and precision. We understand the importance of preserving the unique characteristics of each piece and strive to maintain the integrity and beauty of the original design.

Chicago Commercial Stained Glass Repair Estimate

If your Chicago business requires commercial stained glass repair, Scottish Stained Glass is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and receive a personalized estimate for your project. Our experienced team will assess the damage, provide expert recommendations, and outline the repair process to restore the beauty and functionality of your stained glass features.

View Our Commercial Stained Glass Gallery

Custom Stained Glass for Chicago Homes

Elevate the beauty and uniqueness of your Chicago home with custom stained glass from Scottish Stained Glass. Our expert craftsmen and designers are dedicated to creating exquisite, one-of-a-kind stained glass pieces that reflect your personal style and enhance the architectural character of your home.

Whether you reside in a historic brownstone in the Lincoln Park neighborhood or a modern penthouse in the iconic Loop district, our team can bring your vision to life. From stunning stained glass windows that capture the charm of the Chicago skyline to intricate cabinet panels that add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, we offer a wide range of custom stained glass options to suit every area of your home.

Stained Glass Wall, Artwork Homes

Make a bold statement in your Chicago home with a stunning stained glass wall. Ideal for contemporary homes in the River West or Southport Corridor, these artistic installations become captivating focal points that showcase your style and create a truly breathtaking living environment.

Stained Glass Hanging Panels

Add a touch of elegance and versatility to any room with stained glass hanging panels. Whether you live in a loft in the Fulton Market District or a townhouse in Lincoln Square, these custom-designed panels bring artistry, color, and privacy to your space.

Stained Glass Family Crests

Celebrate your family heritage with a custom stained glass family crest. Perfect for homes in historic neighborhoods like Pullman or Bronzeville, these pieces add a personal touch and become cherished heirlooms that tell the story of your lineage.

Stained Glass Room Dividers

Create separation while maintaining an open and light-filled space with stained glass room dividers. Whether you have a loft in the West Loop or a contemporary home in Bucktown, these functional and visually stunning pieces allow for privacy without sacrificing the flow of natural light.

Stained Glass Styles for Chicago Homes

At Scottish Stained Glass, we offer a range of stained glass styles to suit the diverse architectural landscape of Chicago homes. From classic to contemporary, our skilled artisans can create stained glass designs that seamlessly integrate with your home’s style and ambiance.

Frank Lloyd Wright Style Stained Glass

Embrace the iconic architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright with stained glass inspired by his designs. Perfect for homes in Oak Park or Hyde Park, these pieces blend geometric patterns and natural motifs to create a harmonious and visually stunning result.

Mackintosh Style Stained Glass

Incorporate the timeless elegance of Mackintosh style stained glass into your Chicago home. With their intricate floral designs and subtle colors, these pieces add a touch of sophistication and charm to homes in neighborhoods like Lincoln Park or Lakeview.

Art Nouveau Stained Glass

Capture the essence of the Art Nouveau movement with stained glass that showcases flowing lines, organic shapes, and vibrant colors. Perfect for homes in artistic communities like Pilsen or Wicker Park, these pieces become captivating focal points that reflect your unique style and taste.

Leaded Glass for Privacy and Natural Light

Our leaded glass windows strike a perfect balance between maintaining privacy and inviting natural light into your spaces. Unlike traditional window treatments that block light, our leaded glass designs allow for bright, diffused illumination while ensuring your privacy. These windows are particularly beneficial in urban areas like Chicago, where close proximity to neighbors often necessitates privacy solutions. Whether it’s for a bathroom, entryway, or living room, our leaded glass windows lend an element of sophistication while serving a practical purpose.

Restore the Radiance of Your Stained Glass

Don’t let age, wear, or damage diminish the vibrancy and allure of your stained glass. Our expert restoration services can breathe new life into your pieces, ensuring they continue to captivate and inspire for generations to come.

Take the first step in safeguarding your stained glass legacy. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our comprehensive restoration process and schedule a consultation with our dedicated team. Trust Scottish Stained Glass to protect and enhance your treasured investment with the care and precision it deserves.

Stained Glass Repair & Restoration for Homes 

Residential stained glass holds a unique sentimental value, often becoming an integral part of a family’s home. At Scottish Stained Glass, we offer bespoke repair and restoration services for stained glass in homes across Chicago. We recognize the importance of each piece, whether it’s a beloved heirloom or a custom window, and handle every project with utmost care. Our aim is to preserve the memories encapsulated in your stained glass while enhancing its longevity, beauty, and functionality.

The Benefits of Home Stained Glass Repair

Repairing your stained glass windows offers several benefits. It preserves the historical and cultural significance of the glass, maintains the aesthetic appeal of your home, and increases the overall value of your property. Stained glass repair also prevents further damage and extends the lifespan of your windows, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for years to come.

Get a Free Home Stained Glass Repair Estimate

Don’t let damaged stained glass detract from the beauty of your Chicago home. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for stained glass repair. Our experienced craftsmen will assess the damage and provide you with a detailed plan for restoration, ensuring that your stained glass is brought back to its original splendor.

Stained Glass Window Repair

Chicago’s Leading Stained Glass Studio

Welcome to Scottish Stained Glass, Chicago’s premier stained glass studio. Our esteemed reputation is founded on years of honing our craft, creating striking stained glass pieces that blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. As a leading studio, we are deeply committed to providing superior services, from the initial design consultation to the final installation or restoration. Our team of skilled artisans is adept at both the art and science of stained glass, providing expert advice on design, light interaction, and architectural integration. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, working closely with each client to bring their vision to life. From intricate repairs to grand installations, our Chicago studio is a hub of stained glass excellence.

Our Custom Designed Stained Glass Process

At Scottish Stained Glass, we believe in the magic of customization. We offer a distinctive process to bring your unique stained glass visions to life. It begins with an in-depth consultation where our experienced design team gathers insights into your style preferences, functional needs, and the architectural specifics of your Chicago space. This allows us to conceptualize a design that is not only visually stunning but also aligns perfectly with your surroundings.

Once the design is finalized, we move onto the creation phase. Our artisan glass workers, who are trained in both traditional and modern techniques, meticulously handcraft each piece of glass. Using a combination of time-tested methods and innovative practices, they ensure that every window or panel we create is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and durability.

Lastly, our professional installers implement the installation with precision and care, ensuring that the finished piece integrates seamlessly with your space. Our process doesn’t just stop at installation. We believe in nurturing long-term relationships with our clients, providing after-care services to keep your stained glass looking as good as new for years to come.

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Entryway Stained Glass

Make a lasting first impression with our custom-designed entryway stained glass. A well-crafted stained glass piece can transform your home’s entrance into a grand spectacle, infusing your foyer with radiant hues and captivating patterns. More than an aesthetic upgrade, our entryway stained glass designs can provide additional privacy without obstructing natural light. Let our team at Scottish Stained Glass guide you through designing an entrancing welcome to your Chicago home.



View Our Entryway Stained Glass Gallery

Stained Glass Sidelites

Stained glass sidelites can dramatically enhance your home’s curb appeal. These vertical windows flanking your front door serve not just as a design statement but also as a practical solution for privacy and light control. At Scottish Stained Glass, we provide custom-designed stained glass sidelights, meticulously crafted to complement your architectural style and personal aesthetic. Whether you prefer a classic, intricate pattern or a sleek, modern design, our artisans can deliver a masterpiece that perfectly suits your Chicago home.

View Our Sidelite Stained Glass Gallery

Stained Glass Doors

Transform your doorway into a stunning art piece with our custom stained glass doors. Whether you’re looking to create a striking entrance for your Chicago home or add a touch of elegance to your commercial space, Scottish Stained Glass has the expertise to make your vision a reality. Our designs can be intricate or minimalist, colored or clear, all carefully crafted to seamlessly blend with your architectural style and personal taste. A stained glass door not only enhances your property’s aesthetic appeal but also adds an element of privacy without compromising natural light.


Bathroom Stained Glass

Create a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom with our bespoke stained glass designs. From vibrant window installations to elegant shower enclosures, Scottish Stained Glass can elevate your bathroom aesthetic while ensuring privacy. Our Chicago clients often opt for frosted or textured stained glass designs that allow ample light in, creating a serene and uplifting atmosphere. Our team of experienced artisans will work closely with you to design and create a unique piece that reflects your style and complements your bathroom décor.

View Our Bathroom Stained Glass Gallery

Stained Glass Transoms

Breathe life into your spaces with stained glass transoms. These architectural features can infuse natural light into your interiors and serve as a distinctive focal point. At Scottish Stained Glass, we offer custom-designed transoms that are tailored to fit your specific requirements, whether you desire a traditional design to match your vintage Chicago home, or seek a contemporary pattern for a modern space. Our transoms not only enhance your room’s aesthetic but also improve its function by encouraging light flow.

View Our Transom Stained Glass Gallery

Kitchen & Cabinet Stained Glass

Add a dash of elegance to your kitchen with our customized stained glass inserts for cabinets. Scottish Stained Glass can create exquisite designs that add color, texture, and visual interest to your kitchen, turning ordinary cabinets into standout features. Our stained glass pieces are not just beautiful to look at but are also practical, disguising clutter while allowing you to retain the functionality of your kitchen cabinets.

View Our Kitchen & Cabinet Stained Glass Gallery

Hallway Stained Glass

Illuminate your hallways with our enchanting stained glass designs. Hallways often lack natural light and our custom-designed stained glass windows or light fixtures can add much-needed brightness while creating an inviting ambiance. At Scottish Stained Glass, we design pieces that are not only visually stunning but also evoke a feeling of warmth and welcome in your Chicago home. From classical motifs to sleek geometric designs, we can bring your vision to life and transform your hallway into a remarkable passageway.

View Our Hallway Stained Glass Gallery

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Basement Stained Glass

Transform your basement into a radiant and inviting space with our bespoke stained glass solutions. The dimly lit nature of basements makes them perfect candidates for light-enhancing stained glass installations. At Scottish Stained Glass, we create custom designs that complement your Chicago home’s architectural style and décor, and imbue your basement with a unique charm. Whether you envision a classic design or a more contemporary aesthetic, our artisans can craft stained glass pieces that will make your basement a captivating retreat.

Bedroom Stained Glass

Elevate the tranquility and beauty of your bedroom with custom stained glass. At Scottish Stained Glass, we craft stunning window treatments that can transform the light in your room into a luminous display of colors and patterns. Stained glass can also provide an extra layer of privacy in your bedroom without obstructing the inflow of natural light. Whether your Chicago home exhibits a vintage charm or a modern allure, we can create a piece that harmoniously blends with your existing décor, enhancing the overall comfort and aesthetics of your sanctuary.

Bedroom Stained Glass

Elevate the tranquility and beauty of your bedroom with custom stained glass. At Scottish Stained Glass, we craft stunning window treatments that can transform the light in your room into a luminous display of colors and patterns. Stained glass can also provide an extra layer of privacy in your bedroom without obstructing the inflow of natural light. Whether your Chicago home exhibits a vintage charm or a modern allure, we can create a piece that harmoniously blends with your existing décor, enhancing the overall comfort and aesthetics of your sanctuary.

Experience the enchanting charm and artistry of our meticulously crafted stained glass windows and panels

Take the first step in elevating your home’s aesthetic by browsing our extensive collection of stunning stained glass designs or commissioning a unique, custom piece that reflects your personality and style. Our skilled artisans are ready to bring your vision to life!

Get in touch with us and begin your journey into the world of Scottish Stained Glass – where each piece is not just a window, but a work of art.

How Getting Stained Glass Installed In Your Chicago Home Works

Installing a custom stained glass in your Chicago home is an exciting journey that we at Scottish Stained Glass make seamless and rewarding. It starts with an initial consultation where we discuss your ideas, assess your space, and gain an understanding of your style and requirements. Our designers then work on sketches or digital renderings of your design, revising them until they perfectly reflect your vision.

The creation phase follows, where our skilled artisans bring your design to life with their craftsmanship. Using high-quality materials, they carefully cut, assemble, and solder each piece of glass into the design, paying meticulous attention to detail.

Finally, the installation phase. We offer two types of installations: the traditional method where the stained glass is installed as the actual window, and the bonding method where the stained glass is bonded to the inside of an existing window. Both methods are performed with utmost care by our experienced installers, ensuring the longevity and beauty of your stained glass.

Stained Glass Custom Design Process

Our custom design process is an integral part of what makes Scottish Stained Glass unique. It begins with a thorough understanding of your desires and needs. We then translate these into a preliminary design, which is reviewed and refined in collaboration with you. This iterative process ensures your ideas are fully realized in the final design. Whether you’re seeking to replicate a historical pattern, create a modern motif, or infuse elements of the Chicago cityscape into your design, our team is equipped to create a stained glass piece that is truly yours.

Our Stained Glass Installation Choices

At Scottish Stained Glass, we offer a variety of installation choices to suit your unique needs. You can choose to have your stained glass piece traditionally installed as a window or door, which involves removing the existing glass. Alternatively, we offer a bonding method where the stained glass is bonded onto an existing window. This not only preserves the original window but also provides added insulation. Whichever method you choose, our professional installation team in Chicago ensures that your stained glass is installed securely and beautifully, ready to grace your home for years to come.


Maintaining Stained Glass Windows

Maintaining the splendor of your stained glass windows involves a delicate blend of preventive care and occasional cleaning. At Scottish Stained Glass, we provide guidance on how to preserve the beauty and longevity of your installations. Dusting with a soft brush or a dry cloth can prevent accumulation of dust and debris. For more thorough cleaning, a gentle solution of warm soapy water applied with a soft cloth can be used. It’s important to avoid harsh chemicals, as they can damage the glass and lead soldering. Regular inspections for cracks or gaps in the lead can also help in early detection of potential issues.


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Pricing for Stained Glass Windows

The price of stained glass windows varies widely, based on factors such as the complexity of the design, the type and color of glass used, and the size of the window. At Scottish Stained Glass, we work closely with our Chicago clients to develop designs that align with their aesthetic preferences and budget. Each project is quoted individually, with transparency and fairness at the forefront of our pricing approach. For specific pricing inquiries, we encourage you to contact us directly for a personalized consultation and quote.


Stained Glass FAQs

There are often many questions about our stained glass products and services. Here are some of the most common queries:

The timeframe for creating and installing a stained glass window can vary depending on the complexity and size of the design, as well as the availability of materials. Generally, the process can take several weeks to a few months. It involves designing the pattern, selecting and cutting the glass, assembling the pieces, and finally installing the window with precision. Our team at Scottish Stained Glass works diligently to ensure timely completion while maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Yes, stained glass can be installed in existing window frames. Our skilled artisans at Scottish Stained Glass have expertise in adapting stained glass to fit a variety of window frames. By carefully measuring and assessing the dimensions, we can create custom-made stained glass panels that perfectly align with your existing frames, seamlessly integrating the new design into your home.

To keep your stained glass windows looking their best, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or a gentle brush to remove any dust or debris from the surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the glass or its leading. Instead, lightly dampen the cloth with a mild glass cleaner or a solution of mild dish soap and water. Gently wipe the glass and dry it with a clean cloth. It is also recommended to periodically inspect the leading for any signs of wear or damage and address any issues promptly.

Yes, our team at Scottish Stained Glass has the expertise to replicate existing stained glass designs. Whether you wish to restore a damaged window or create a matching set, we can recreate the design with meticulous attention to detail. By carefully studying the original piece, we can replicate the colors, patterns, and textures to ensure a faithful reproduction that captures the essence of the original stained glass.

 Accidents happen, and if a piece of your stained glass window breaks, it can be repaired or replaced. Our skilled artisans are experienced in stained glass restoration and repair. We can assess the damage, source matching glass, and skillfully restore your window to its former glory. In cases where a replacement is needed, we will work closely with you to ensure that the new piece seamlessly integrates into the overall design.

Stained glass has the potential to enhance your home’s value by adding a unique and artistic element to its overall aesthetic. Exquisite stained glass windows can be highly desirable features for potential buyers, creating a lasting impression and distinguishing your home from others on the market. Additionally, high-quality craftsmanship and the timeless beauty of stained glass can contribute to the perceived value of your property.

Contact Us for a Consultation

Ready to add timeless beauty and unique character to your Denver home or business? Scottish Stained Glass is eager to assist you on your stained glass journey. Our team of skilled artisans will work with you from initial design concept to final installation, ensuring a seamless experience that’s as extraordinary as the glass itself. Whether you’re interested in a traditional design, a modern abstract piece, or a restoration of an existing stained glass, we’re here to help bring your vision to life. Contact us today to start your free consultation and let’s create something beautiful together.

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