Beautiful Ways to Add Stained Glass to your Denver Commercial Property

Stained glass windows are mesmerizing to look at. This makes them perfect for businesses! Customers who see the stained glass while passing by on the street or in photographs online or on social media are immediately intrigued. They can’t wait to get inside the building so they can get a closer look!

Below, we’ve discussed a few different ways you can add stained glass to your Denver commercial property to attract new customers!

How Are Stained Glass Windows Made?

Stained glass windows are made from colored glass which is held together by lead caming, steel bars, and cement. First, the artist produces a design on paper or using computer programming. Then, a blueprint is made to ensure accuracy. The glass pieces are hand selected, cut to shape, and assembled together using the blueprint. Sometimes, an artist will hand paint small details for added beauty.

Unique Ways to Add Stained Glass to Your Commercial Property

Stained glass is much more versatile than most people realize. It can be used to create hanging artwork, signs, lampshades, and so much more. Here are a few different ways you can add stained glass windows to your Denver commercial property:

scottish stained glass denver commercial signage

Stained Glass Signage

Showcase your brand with a beautiful stained glass sign. Perfect for restaurants, retail stores, and more, stained glass signs are a great way to stand out and show your customers that you’re unique!

retail stained glass denver

Stained Glass Entrance

Create a grand entrance! Custom stained glass windows will impress your visitors from the very moment they step foot in your building.

commercial stained glass backdrop

Stained Glass Backdrops for Events & Venues

Make extra money by renting out your space for special events. This stained glass backdrop does a great job at setting the mood and creates a beautiful background for photos.


Beautify Your Building with Stained Glass!

Bring the timeless beauty of stained glass to your Denver commercial property! Call our office today to find out how to get started!

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