Adding stained glass to your bedroom can brighten the room.

Some bedrooms simply don’t have much character and they can end up being very dark and dreary. Some look like small boxes even before you put the furniture in. And some bedrooms have windows that are either small, or simply don’t let in very much daylight because of the way the homes are built. They face the wrong way, they are too close to a neighboring building, or even covered by shrubbery or a large tree.

If a bedroom is too small and too dull already, you certainly wouldn’t want to cover the windows with heavy curtains that would make the room even darker. What you need is something that will let the light in, add a major design feature to the room, and take it from dull to dynamic. The solution? Bedroom stained glass.

By adding a custom designed stained glass window you can brighten up the entire room with a unique piece of custom art. But for some reason, bedroom stained glass is not one of the first things our clients usually think of when they are deciding to commission some custom stained glass windows.

Stained glass is not purely aesthetic, not just an art form. It’s also a practical problem solver in your home.


We think it’s an outstanding choice to jazz up a dull bedroom. Or any dull room, for that matter. If a room is small, there is only so much furniture or art you can add without making it feel cluttered and even smaller. Why not make use of a feature that’s already there, the window or windows, to add your own unique touch? Why not turn a dull bedroom into a work of art? No, it won’t add any square footage. No, it won’t give you more closet space.

But bedroom stained glass will give much more visual interest, much more aesthetic appeal, without taking up one square inch and without blocking the much needed sunlight. It can completely change the look of a bedroom, (or any room) in an elegant way that actually adds more value to your home.

If you like this solution to dull bedrooms, you’ll have some choices to make. Colored or clear glass? An antique style or a contemporary style? Art Deco or Art Nouveau style? Mission Style or perhaps our own signature Aspen line? Textured glass or jewel toned glass, or any combination thereof?

And what if your bedroom is not small, not dark, and definitely not dull? You would still take your décor to the next level with the addition of stained glass windows, or perhaps a stained glass panel in your walk-in closet door, or perhaps a stained glass bay window!

Fortunately, making these decisions is the fun part, and you can have all the design assistance you need when you work with one of our experienced design staff. Why not contact Scottish Stained Glass today and find out more about how bedroom stained glass can spice up a dull room?

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