Art Deco influenced several areas of design, including stained glass.

Anyone who is a fan of Art Deco knows how many artists have been influenced by its beauty since it first became popular after the first World War. The famous artist Man Ray is just one of the many who earned a name for themselves doing Art Deco.

No wonder then that stained glass is just one of the many mediums that carry on the Art Deco style. This is a look that never seems to lose any popularity and is sought after decade after decade. If you choose Art Deco designs for your stained glass windows, they will never go out of style and you will never tire of enjoying them. We doubt you’ll ever tire of the admiring compliments you’ll receive from guests and visitors, either.

How can you have custom Art Deco designs made for the windows in your home? At Scottish Stained Glass, all of our designers are highly skilled artisans that can create custom designs to fit any style you admire including Art Deco. We study various different styles, to be able to correctly interpret them in glass art for our clients, and Deco is a style we greatly admire and love to create.

Art Deco Stained Glass

Why are Art Deco designs so popular and coveted?

Art historian and author Patricia Bayer describes Deco as, “an architecture of ornament, geometry, energy, retrospection, optimism, color, texture, light and at times even symbolism.”

We’d describe it as elegant, glamorous, modern, and well known for its linear symmetry which comes from its mathematical and geometric roots.

Art Deco designs in stained glass would be fabulous in:
1. An entryway, including the sidelights and the front door. What a dramatic way to say welcome!

2. Kitchen cabinet doors, bringing a stunning design and new life to that most well used room in the house.

3. Any windows with a less than beautiful view. Add a gorgeous custom piece of art to your home, one that blocks the view outside while still letting the light in.

4. Transoms, those narrow rectangular windows that run above other windows, or near the ceiling of a room. Turn your barely noticed transoms into an amazing design feature!

5. Anywhere you like great art!

A bit of Art Deco design history: Did you know that American Art Deco became popular because it conveyed both beauty and strength during the great depression, when much of the country was left unemployed and embittered? During the 1930s, many artists were commissioned to decorate public buildings in the Art Deco style, including massive pieces with vivid colors and inspiring Deco influenced murals.

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we were honored to do the restoration of the Art Deco ceiling of the lobby of the Boulderado Hotel, a huge job. We would be equally honored to create custom Art Deco stained glass designs for your home or office.

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