Beveled Glass for Unique Stained Glass Designs

Not all glass windows are the same. Windows come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. And the glass that is inside of those window frames comes in many different types as well. Textured glass, colored glass, iridescent or translucent glass, frosted or patterned glass, etched glass, mirrored and beveled glass.

Bevels can be combined with clear textured glass to create an elegant stained glass window or panel that would look beautiful in any home.

But what exactly is beveled glass, and what makes it so unique and special?

With a piece of beveled glass, the edges are cut at an angle, making what’s known as a bevel. And these bevels react very differently to light shining on them than plain old glass does. The bevels will actually act like prisms in the sunlight, refracting the sun’s rays and creating beautiful rainbows of color that dance across the room.

According to Wikipedia, modern beveled glass is machine made, but once upon a time, glass makers sliced these perfect angles into each piece of glass by hand and smooth down any sharp edges with a sandstone “smoothing stone.” Beveled glass and beveled mirrors have been in use since the Middle Ages. Chandelier crystals are frequently made of beveled glass as well.


When things don’t lose their popularity throughout the centuries, they become classics, and with good reason. Beveled glass is elegant and classy. A combination of beveled glass, clear glass, frosted glass, perhaps even etched glass, would make a sophisticated mix of textures for an incredibly unique and stunning stained glass design.

Have a look at our entryway gallery to get an idea of what kinds of things could be done with beveled glass for unique designs in your sidelights or transom. Imagine the lovely prisms of light cast through your home’s front hallway or into your living room. Beveled glass adds a unique touch to the already exceptional aesthetics of regular stained glass. (If there is such a thing!) Since every piece made by Scottish Stained Glass is custom made to your specifications, and hand-crafted by specially trained artisans, each piece is uniquely different. And using beveled glass simply takes it up a notch further.

Are you sold on the idea of a beveled glass window? Why not work with one of our designers who can show you the multitude of options available to you with this type of glass? If you have your own idea or design, we’d be delighted to help you bring it to fruition. If you need our help and guidance to create the perfect pattern to enhance your décor, our design and production staff is at your service!

When you call us for a free in-home consultation, please mention that you are particularly interested in beveled glass, so we can bring you the most relevant samples.

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