Celtic Style stained glass for your home or business.

Celtic designs have been around since the 8th century B.C. Anyone who is a fan of Celtic designs are familiar with the interlacing patterns and intricate spirals that are characteristic of this ancient yet enduring style. These designs, such as the infinity knots, have deep meaning for the Celtic people, but we wonder if they also strike a chord deep within people from other backgrounds as well.

These patterns lend themselves beautifully to Celtic stained glass work. They are appealing to the eyes, relaxing and engaging at the same time.

Whether you understand the history behind Celtic designs or not, they are deeply appealing to the eye, symmetrical and flowing. Celtic stained glass is the perfect way to add a touch of the Celts into your home, business, or commercial space. You might look at a complicated Celtic knot pattern and be amazed that such a thing could be turned into stained glass, but in fact these designs are one of our most sought after.

Please take a run through our Celtic Glass Gallery and see some of the many styles we have created for clients like you over the years.

Have you ever imagined owning a piece Celtic stained glass? Perhaps a Celtic design for the sidelights and front door of your entryway? Or a Celtic motif for your kitchen cabinet doors that will give the entire room a major, classy facelift?


If you have considered Celtic, you might consider Scottish Stained Glass to custom design and hand build your new windows. We are the logical choice for custom Celtic stained glass in Colorado and across the country for a variety of reasons.

1. In our two plus decades in business, we have created literally hundreds of Celtic patterned windows for our clients.

2. Each one of our Celtic stained glass windows or door panels is custom designed and hand crafted, using the highest quality materials on the market. They are built to last generations, and might even become family heirlooms!

3. We can design a Celtic inspired design that will fit your windows, your décor, your tastes, and your budget.

4. And last but hardly least, there is the Celtic connection. Scottish founder Martin Faith trained to make stained glass the traditional way in his native Scotland, and we doubt you will find a company anywhere – on either side of the ocean – with more respect and passion for Celtic designs. Or for stained glass, either.

Whether or not your family can trace its roots back to any of the places across northern Europe that the Celts populated (and many of our clients can) doesn’t matter one bit. Celtic design has become universal, and with good reason.

Would you like to find out more about Celtic Stained glass, and see samples of more patterns? Why not contact us today and set up your free in-home (or in-office) consultation with one of our expert designers?

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