Commercial stained glass to stand out.

Have you ever considered adding some custom-designed commercial stained glass to your business space? It adds a unique look that can make your business stand out from your competitors. It can offer the look of elegance and success. It can say that you take pride in your office space, and that you and your business are unique.

What sort of spaces and buildings are a good choice for the installation of custom commercial stained glass? It would be faster to list those that aren’t a good choice! We have installed our hand-crafted stained glass windows and doors in:

  • Storefront offices
  • Office buildings/medical buildings
  • Hotel lobbies and convention/event centers
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Beauty shops and spas
  • Private offices
  • And many other commercial spaces

We design and craft our commercial stained glass exactly the same way as our residential: to your tastes, your style, your décor, and to meet the needs of your business.

Many clients are surprised to hear that commercial stained glass can have practical purposes as well as the much touted aesthetic ones. Leaded stained glass can afford privacy to an office door, a storefront window, or any other glass area. If you own the building, you might be interested to hear that custom stained glass also adds value.


But definitely, it’s eye catching and style setting appeal is the main benefit of custom commercial stained glass.

Are you building a trendy bar downtown? What about a stained glass backdrop behind the fancy carved bar?

Are you opening a boutique hotel or bed and breakfast in the mountains? How about stained glass front doors, or a stained glass mural in the lobby? Or even, like in the phenomenal Boulderado Hotel up in Boulder, a stained glass lobby ceiling? Do you see clients in your office and want to present a certain appearance that reflects your taste and your business’ success? A stained glass window or door will do the trick.

Commercial stained glass can be made in any style, any size or shape, any colors or types of glass. If you want to take your commercial establishment’s décor to the next level of elegance, why not give us a call and set up an appointment with one of our stained glass designers today? We will meet you on your premises and work with you to create the perfect piece of custom commercial stained glass to celebrate and enhance your business.

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