Custom leaded glass windows.

When we first mention leaded glass windows to our clients as a suggestion during a design consultation, many of them have puzzled looks. “Lead?” they ask. “How is that different from regular stained glass?”

The fact is, the two terms can be and frequently are used interchangeably. But for the purposes of what we do for our clients, we are using them to refer to different types of stained glass. When most people think of stained glass, they immediately think of bright colors and intricate patterns. So when we use the term leaded glass, we are referring to stained glass windows that are made with a heavy, clear or colorless class, and frequently combined with beveled glass as well.

Our leaded glass windows are sought after by people who would like more privacy in an entryway or a bathroom. These windows block prying eyes but not sunlight. They are also sought after by customers who would like the elegance and classic appeal of stained glass, who would like to do something stunning with their windows beyond just drapes or shades, but who don’t want to add something as loud as colored stained glass to their home.

In fact, leaded stained glass makes up the bulk of our commissions for residences. Obviously, churches and restaurants and hotels still love the vividly colored stained glass that makes a major statement.

Our leaded glass windows can be made in a wide variety of customized styles and designs to complement your décor and your own personal tastes. From antique to modern, from Celtic styles to Aspen tree patterns, leaded stained glass can be done any way you like it.

Bathroom Leaded & Beveled Stained Glass

Would you like to take a look at some of the thousands of leaded glass windows we have done in the preceding twenty years?

Click here to see some photos of our leaded glass designs.

As we mentioned, this type of stained glass is frequently combined with beveled glass for added beauty, texture, and uniqueness. We consider beveled leaded glass windows to be one of our specialties here at Scottish Stained Glass.

Click here to see some photos of our beveled stained glass designs. And be sure to click on any of the little thumbnail photos to see an enlargement that shows off the beautiful detailed workmanship and the way the beveling catches and refracts the light passing through it.

For more information about our gorgeous leaded glass windows or to set up a no-cost in-home appointment with one of our talented designers, why not contact us today at Scottish Stained Glass? We’d love to show you just how incredible our leaded stained glass designs can look in your home, and we’d love to earn your business.

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