Designing the Perfect Stained Glass Windows for Your Home

How do you design the perfect stained glass windows for your home, windows you will never grow tired of admiring?  How do you design windows so special and unique that you will insist on taking them with you if you ever move? Where do you get stained glass windows that are valuable pieces of art, adding real value to your home? Who can create stained glass windows that your kids will fight over after you’re gone, that will become treasured family heirlooms?

The answer to all of these, is of course, Scottish Stained Glass.  However, for us to create exactly the stained glass design you want, you first must think through what the perfect stained glass piece means to you and your home.

There are many things to take into consideration:

  • Your personal tastes – modern, traditional, abstract, geometric, floral, Aspen, Deco, etc.
  • The architecture, period or style of your home – from Victorian to a suburban ranch home
  • Your existing décor and color scheme – do you love vivid colors, neutrals, or completely clear so it will match with any current décor and any remodeling in the future as well
  • Your specific needs, such as more privacy
  • Location – do you want stained glass sidelights or transoms, or stained glass panels in the kitchen cabinet doors or above your bar?
  • You can have hanging panels, instead of installed window panes (easier to move!)
  • Clear, colored, beveled, painted, etched, textured, or any combination
  • Caming is an important part of the design as well. (That refers to the metal strips between the pieces of glass.) Caming can be lead, copper, brass and come in a variety of widths, from1/4” up to 1”, each adding a very different feel to your design
  • Whether or not you foresee yourself moving at some point in the future
  • And last, but hardly least, your budget.

Which Stained Glass Design Is Right For Me?

Perfect Stained Glass DesignSo how do you decide on what you want? It’s pretty easy, in fact. Our Scottish Stained Glass design team is highly experienced and very familiar with many different styles of stained glass throughout history. Contact us for a free in-home consultation with one of our talented design pros. They’ll show up with photos, ideas, samples, and all the know-how and experience to answer all your questions and point you in the right direction.

Many of our clients consider the design process to be the most exciting part, other than actually enjoying their finished stained glass windows for years to come, of course! If you have an idea of what you’d want, our designers will sketch it out freehand on graph paper, to show you exactly what it would look like in your space and create the pattern.

One of the main factors in the cost of custom, hand crafted stained glass is the intricacy of the design. So, if your original idea turns out too costly, our designers can adapt the design right in front of your eyes, simplifying it to get it into your budget.

Why not have fun with the design process? Check out our galleries of the many stained glass designs we have constructed for previous clients and see what inspires you. Then contact us and get the ball rolling on those amazingly perfect stained glass windows for your home or commercial space.

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