Entryway stained glass for light and privacy.

Stained glass entryways are one of our favorite projects to work on here at Scottish Stained Glass. We believe they totally change the look and feel of the exterior of your home, and offer a stunning first impression to everyone who comes up your walk.

With stained glass entryways, homeowners up and down the Front Range can give this usually uniform part of a house some real uniqueness. Something to make them stand out among the other homes in the development. But along with adding beauty and distinctiveness, stained glass entryways also afford homeowners two practical benefits: light, and privacy.

Does your home have one or two sidelights, those narrow non-functioning windows on either side of the front door? Their purpose is to let light into this somewhat dark area of a home. However, they also let in prying eyes. People can see into your home while they stand at your front door. Perhaps you’d rather have more privacy, but certainly wouldn’t want to cover those sidelights or block the light.

With custom leaded stained glass in your sidelights, you will have the privacy you need and still let the light through. No one will be able to see in and know if you are home, or if you are a messy housekeeper.


But certain stained glass entryways can even add more light to this area of the home than was originally provided for. Along with adding colorless, leaded stained glass to your entryway’s sidelights, what about adding one or more stained glass inserts right into your front door? Together with the sidelights, this creates the most high-class, elegant entryway you could imagine. And the addition of those inserts into the door means even more natural sunlight can flow into the interior entryway of your home.

Take a look at our entryway stained glass gallery of photos to get some idea of what we are talking about. Notice how much extra light is entering the homes of those with the stained glass panels right in their front doors, as opposed to the entryways with only stained glass sidelights.

Is that something that might work for your home? Remember, Scottish Stained Glass creates a custom product to your specifications, to your style and tastes. We can create the design you want, whether it’s a Celtic Knot design or an Art Deco inspired pattern.

We are the area experts in custom stained glass entryways, both in the design, building, and installation of these beautiful windows and doors. If you are looking to ramp up the style in your home’s entryway, if you are looking to add more beauty, more privacy, and even more light, why not give us a call today?

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