Stained glass sidelights can add light to your entryway.

The amount of light is one of the main selling/buying factors in homes today. We all know and appreciate the benefits of natural light; we all want our homes to be light and airy, not dark creepy caves. Believe it or not, if your home does not get enough light in front, one of the most pleasing solutions is the installation of stained glass sidelights.

There are many homes with windows that provide more than enough light in the back and sides of the house. The problem is that frequently, the entryway area is so dark you almost need to use a light in that area, even during the day. One solution for this problem is beveled glass sidelights.

Does your entryway have sidelights, those narrow vertical windows on one or both sides of the front door? Many Denver and Front Range area homes incorporate sidelights for the express purpose of adding more light to this darker area of a home.

This can lead to a lack of privacy problem, even as it solves a “too dark” problem. The perfect solution? Stained glass sidelights using clear, frosted, textured, or beveled glass. This adds privacy, gorgeousness, uniqueness, and lets all the light shine through.

Take a look at our stained glass sidelights gallery to see exactly what we are talking about. If that idea appeals to you, check out our entryway gallery, to see how some of these stunning designs have been incorporated into the front of a home.


And then, just imagine the light shining through. We mentioned beveled glass earlier. Many of the stained glass sidelights in our gallery do make use of this special type of glass, because the bevels create a prism effect when the light catches them. This can cast rainbow rays of color and light through your entryway hall, and our clients tell us they never get tired of seeing it.

But when it comes to stained glass sidelights, stained glass front doors, stained glass transom windows, we will not tell you what styles, patterns or colors to use. We don’t make you choose from a few stock styles. Each piece of Scottish Stained glass is custom designed and hand-crafted, so you can have the stained glass sidelights you want. яндекс

Is your entryway a bit too dark? Depending on the structure of your home, you might be able to have sidelights added. Since Scottish Stained Glass uses a special installation technique that bonds the stained glass panel to the existing pane of glass, you can add it at any time. While your home is first being built, if it is being renovated, or any time at all.

Stained glass sidelights are one of our most popular commissions. They make a huge difference to the look of a home’s entryway. Can you imagine them in yours? Why not call us today!

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