Stained Glass Windows Take Your Home From Ordinary to Extraordinary

You love your home. You lavish attention on the furnishings. The flooring. The artwork. But what about the windows? You can add lace curtains, velvet drapes, bamboo shades, different colored blinds. Or you can take them to the next level of chic and add value to your home at the same time with custom stained glass windows by Scottish Stained Glass.

Why are stained glass windows so enduringly popular? Because they are both beautiful and practical. Because they remind us of another time, a time when craftsmanship was everything and things were built to last for centuries. Because they take something mundane—a window, something every house is filled with—and turn it into a piece of art that might just become a family heirloom or the focal point of the room.

Let’s use the small sidelights on the side of your front door for an example. No one usually looks twice at them, they are quite ordinary, but at least they let more light into your entry way. But although people do not look twice at them—people coming to your front door might very well peer right in through them, and you might not like that. Adding stained glass sidelights accomplishes two things: it gives you more privacy, while still allowing the light to flow through. And it elevates the appearance of the front of your home, adding value, beauty and interest to your entryway.

Custom Stained Glass Windows: Clear or Colored?

In fact, any window in your home can be made unique, eye-catching, special by adding stained glass. We custom design our stained glass art to any size window, any style or colors.

Now, it doesn’t have to be colored glass at all. If you already have a substantial amount of color in a room and don’t want to add more, clear, frosted, or beveled glass can make just as striking an effect. It’s equally classy, equally eye-catching. But it’s neutral. So if you redecorate next year, it will still work. If you decide to sell your home, it will not clash with the color scheme of potential buyers.

Now, if stained glass always reminds you of churches, and you can’t imagine why you would want stained glass windows in your home, we invite you to peruse our galleries for some education and inspiration. You’ll find a wide assortment of ideas that are not church-like in the slightest. And you can come up with your own design as well. Our stained glass windows are each custom designed and individually crafted to order.

And when you get done looking through our galleries and your imagination is really humming along and you can just imagine stained glass windows taking your home from ordinary to extraordinary, then why not give us a call!

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