Transom Stained Glass Windows – The Finishing Touch to Your Beautiful Home

The entry into your home is the first impression, and who doesn’t like a great first impression?  So you have a stunning wood door, maybe some sidelights (tall narrow windows next to the door), nice plants on your patio, and then… the transom window above your entry.

Transoms are great because they allow natural light into the home.  They can pose a few problems though.  One common complaint is the window faces the stairway or open 2nd floor game room which exposes you, your family, and personal belongings to any solicitors and worse the neighbors at night when the light is on.  The other common issue is that the window only shows the ugly patio light from the interior side.  Usually if you can see the patio light, you also see dirt, bugs, and any other typical exterior elements that like to nest on covered patios.

Stained Glass Solutions

There are solutions to this previously perceived awesome window.  Most people automatically jump to custom blinds because they block the view.  The only problem with blinds are they block the natural light, which ruins the whole purpose of having a transom window.  A better option is stained glass. Stained glass windows are a great alternative as they are custom to your design style, provide privacy, block the unwanted views, and most importantly allow the natural light to fill your home.

I know that most hear stained glass and think, eeewwh all the colors and it is so traditional and old looking.  Not anymore!  Yes, even in your modern Austin home, stained glass can look contemporary.  Stained glass has come a long way since what you find at antique stores and churches.  Although stained glass can still be made to look like an art deco piece, to even your family crest, more commonly stained glass panels are now made contemporary by simple designs and uncolored glass. Over 70 percent of today’s leaded glass panels are constructed with a serious of different clear textured glass to create the desired design.  All stained glass panels are custom made to fit your windows making design options endless.

So the next time you walk down the stairs with your towel on, wave at your neighbor and then realize your half naked, consider a stained glass window to hide your troubles.

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