Trending Stained Glass Styles in Houston Homes

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There’s a new trend in home decor in 2017, but what it is may actually come as a surprise to you. Stained glass windows have seen a serious revival in popularity this year. And Houston architects, interior designers, and homeowners have picked up on the fashion and brought it to a whole new level.

Stained Glass in Residential Architecture

Stained glass has actually been a popular choice in residential architecture for decades. It was taken up as a fad by the wealthy population in Ancient Rome even prior to its premier in European Gothic Cathedrals. Though the initial popularity decreased, stained glass once again saw a revival during the Renaissance period. And later once again during 19th and 20th century stained glass once again became sought after by European architects. Now it has become a classic staple of high end American architecture and exists in many homes throughout the country today.

Trending Stained Glass Styles of 2017

And once again Houston has seen the birth of a new era of stained glass. Many of the new craftsman homes being built today include stained glass into their design. We scoured the city to discover which styles of stained glass have been especially trending this year and this is what we discovered.

1. Prairie Style Stained Glass

Prairie style stained glass was originally developed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. With thick leaded lines, warm earth tone colors, and simple geometric patterns, it’s easy to see why this stained glass style has once again become popular.

2. Beveled Stained Glass Windows

Large bevel clusters have once again become a popular trend among modern stained glass. Bevel clusters help to break up the otherwise textured appearance of stained glass and gives it a classy, high end look.

3. Contemporary Stained Glass
Contemporary Stained Glass

Contemporary is a broad term used to describe new techniques and innovations that are popular today. Many contemporary stained glass windows are simple, minimalistic, and versatile.

The Leading Stained Glass Studio in Houston

Houston Stained Glass is the number one stained glass studio in the Houston metropolitan area. Our time tested techniques and commitment to excellent craftsmanship has made us Houston’s most trusted source for high quality stained glass for years. Call us today to receive an estimate on a stained glass window for your home.

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