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Garland, Texas

Scottish Stained Glass Brings Custom Hand Crafted Stained Glass to Residents of Garland Texas

Garland Texas is a sprawling suburb to the north of the hustle and bustle of Dallas Texas. In this city, style, design, and beauty are highly valued. We are delighted to bring our custom designed stained glass windows and doors to the discerning and style savvy residents of Garland Texas.

Residents have a double advantage in Garland: they can enjoy their own city’s culture, such as the great exhibits at the Landmark Museum at Heritage Crossing or the incredible sounds of the Garland Symphony Orchestra which performs in the Granville Arts Center at 300 N. Fifth Street, or they can go into the “big city” and have all the shopping, dining, culture, and nightlife anyone could imagine. In the middle of all this excitement, Garland residents love to decorate their homes, turning them into show places, as beautiful and unique as possible.


For Garland homeowners who have always wanted custom designed stained glass, our process is very simple. One of our designers comes right to your home to work with you on the style, design, and types of glass that will be in your new stained glass windows. We can match your personal style and tastes, your home’s décor, or even the period or architecture of your Garland home. For an antiques lover who has decorated in fine antiques, we might suggest an antique stained glass window design from a matching period.

For the modernist, we might suggest our own signature Aspen collection designs, or a geometric style like the Mission style. For the Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiast, we can create stained glass designs in that master architect’s style. And for those longing to add incredible elegance to their homes, while adding some much needed privacy at the same time, we might suggest our special collection of beveled and leaded stained glass, inspired by the glass work in the famed palaces of Europe.

Or, you might want to show us your own ideas, your own unique style, a photo that has caught your eye. That’s why we do exclusively custom work. Each stained glass panel is designed to the client’s express specifications.


Our stained glass windows and doors are available for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, municipal spaces, churches and other houses of worship, and any other space. They can be vividly colored and bold, or colorless and more subtle. There are really no limits when it comes to the designs of stained glass. Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we can create our custom made product in any style, any size, to fit any window or door in your home or office space.

About Us

Scottish Stained Glass has two decades of experience in custom stained glass and 60,000 installed windows to our credit. We pride ourselves on exquisite design and workmanship, as well as outstanding customer service. Yes, our windows take a bit longer to hand craft than those you might find in a big box store, but our Garland TX customers tell us the wait is well worth it.

We are also proud to offer religious stained glass artwork to the churches, chapels, cathedrals, sanctuaries, and other houses of worship in Garland TX.

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