Church Stained Glass Restoration Process Austin

church stained glass restoration austin

Although most of our clients come to us for new stained glass windows, many of them also ask about our restoration services. It’s not uncommon for Austin churches to require stained glass restoration due to the heat and humidity that can be experienced in Texas. At Scottish Stained Glass, we have a very specific process for stained glass restoration. To help you gain a better idea of our methods and services, we’ve provided the following information to prepare you for your restoration project.

Our Stained Glass Restoration Process

Scottish Stained Glass is the leading source for church stained glass in the Austin metropolitan area. We restore all types of religious stained glass for Austin churches, temples, and places of worship. Below is a brief outline of our restoration process.

1. Removal: With the assistance of our experienced technicians, the stained glass panel is carefully removed from the wall or window in which it’s installed in the church. Then, the panel is transported to our workshop where we can commence repairs in a safe, controlled environment in order to protect the glass and ensure proper restoration.

2. Cleaning: Before the panel is disassembled, it must be cleaned to remove the presence of muck, grime, or other materials that may have built up within the stained glass. This usually involves soaking the panel in a bath of cleansing solution for up to two weeks time.

3. Disassembly: Once the panels are completely cleaned and free of debris, they are carefully disassembled. Photographs or rubbings are taken of the original design and stored via computer software. Then, the framing for the window is removed and the glass is taken apart one piece at a time.

4. Replacement: The glass is sorted into different categories to complete the restoration. Pieces that have been severely damaged are set aside so that they can be replaced with matching colored glass. All glass that is in good condition is carefully stored so that it can be reused for its exact placement. Large broken pieces may be saved to be cut down to restore smaller damaged areas.

5. Reassembly: Finally, the pieces of glass, old and new, are reassembled back into the original design. The computer generated pattern is used as a template to ensure the preservation of the original appearance of the stained glass. New leading is used to replace the old and the glass is cemented together. Steel bars may be attached as additional reinforcement.

6. Reinstallation: Next, it’s back to the church to reinstall the stained glass! The panel is carefully transported back to church and reinstalled. We then attach a piece of low-e safety glass on top to prevent any damage from occurring in the future and preserve the integrity of the glass. The church can enjoy their beautiful stained glass window for years and years to come!

church stained glass repair austin

Church Stained Glass Restoration in Austin

Do you have a church stained glass window in Austin that is broken, deteriorating, or needs repairs? Call Scottish Stained Glass. We work on all types of restoration projects, including hail damage and complete releading. Call us today to schedule an appointment or receive more information.

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