Exploring the History and Purpose of Church Stained Glass

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The history of church stained glass goes back over 1,000 years, with stained glass art captivating our spirits and enlivening faith inside of our houses of worship. More than the beautiful artistic vision it provides, stained glass adds value to your house of worship through its spiritual message.

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Church Stained Glass: Early Years through the Modern Day

The earliest references to stained glass come from England during the 7th century. By the 12th century, church stained glass was found in Europe’s greatest cathedrals, such as Sainte Chapelle in Paris, France, St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic, and Augsburg Cathedral in Augsburg, Germany.

Stained glass took off in American during the mid- to late 1800s, when churches incorporated the works of artists such as Tiffany. Arlington Street Church in Boston, Massachusetts, the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and Christ Episcopal Church in Poughkeepsie, New York demonstrate modern interpretations of church stained glass.

The Role of Stained Glass in Worship

Stained glass makes the stories of the Bible come to life through visual imagery and conveys the Bible’s messages through symbolism. Illiterate congregations of long ago were able to understand and interpret biblical stories because of stained glass. From depicting biblical scenes such as Jesus’ crucifixion to the symbolic use of color (such as red for Christ’s blood, yellow for divinity, green for life and rebirth, black for death, and gray for humility), stained glass reinforces spiritual themes for congregations.

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