Exploring the Stained Glass Restoration Process for Bethany Churches, Temples, and Chapels

bethany stained glass restoration

In Bethany and the surrounding Oklahoma City metro area, history, art, and worship all mingle together in a spectacular fashion.The beauty of stained glass in local temples, chapels, and churches can be spiritually inspiring for worshippers. Keep the spirit of worship alive in your Bethany church by investing in stained glass restoration to revitalize the lustre of your congregation’s religious themed stained glass.

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Signs that Your Stained Glass Needs Restoration

Before beginning, it’s best to ensure your stained glass is in need of repair–otherwise, it’s best to leave stained glass alone.

Signs that your Bethany temple, church, or chapel needs stained glass restoration include:

  • Daylight leaks (when light leaks between the glass and lead)
  • Planar deflection (bulging, bowing, or buckling windows)
  • Inoperable ventilators
  • Deteriorating frames
  • Glass is 75-100 years old
  • When one or more of these characteristics develops, you should strongly consider restoring your stained glass windows.

    bethany church stained glass

    Properly Restoring the Stained Glass in Your House of Worship

    After establishing that your Bethany church needs stained glass restoration, contact a professional restoration team.

    Reputable restorers will only work on a project if they think it’s necessary and feasible. Watch out for companies that suggest recementing, cleaning in place, installing support bars or exterior protective glazing, flattening bulges, or adding fake lead over cracks. Shortcuts like these will only damage the glass further.

    Correctly restoring your church’s stained glass will add not only beauty, but spiritual value to your daily worship for decades to come.

    Call Us Today about Beautifying Your Bethany Church with Stained Glass Restoration

    Contact our office at Scottish Stained Glass for more information on the benefits your Bethany church can experience from stained glass restoration when you set up a consultation appointment with us today!

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