3 Reasons Why Houston Church Stained Glass Is Important to Restore

houston church stained glass restore

Houston is known for its contributions to space exploration, its delicious Gulf seafood, and beautiful sunny beaches. But that’s not all. Locals know that it’s also home to some of the most enchanting stained glass windows in the country.

Step into one of Houston’s oldest churches and you will instantly be mesmerized by the beauty of the stained glass. As sunlight seeps through the glass, a brilliant array of vivid colors wash over the interior. It’s truly a sight to behold.

But beauty isn’t the only thing that stained glass windows bring to the table. They’re also an important part of history.

3 Reasons Why Stained Glass Is Important

Churches put a great deal of effort into preserving their stained glass. But for good reason. Historic stained glass windows should be maintained and preserved at all costs. Why? Because they’re valuable –culturally, historically, and financially.

1. They preserve an important part of history.

Back in the day, stained glass windows played an important and practical role in society. The illustrations helped educate illiterate members of the church. Today, historians can learn a lot about how people lived by examining stained glass and considering the tools and materials used in their production.

2. They’re more rare and beautiful than modern works.

During the 1500’s, artisans began to use more paint on stained glass. They did this to enhance the windows, but in reality, they actually made them less beautiful. Why? Because the paint blocked the sun. For this reason, many people consider old stained glass to be more elegant and beautiful.

3. They’re worth a considerable sum.

Many churches become overwhelmed by the cost involved with stained glass repair or restoration. But when you consider the value of your Houston church’s stained glass, the cost really isn’t so bad. In fact, many times, the value is two or three times more than the cost. That’s why it’s important to have your stained glass examined and appraised.

Protect Your Beautiful Stained Glass

Keep your Houston church’s beautiful stained glass in optimal condition. Call our office today to learn more about our stained glass repair and restoration services.

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