Our Technique for Restoring Colorado Springs’s 100 Year Old Church Stained Glass

Colorado Springs is home to some of the most elegant, historic churches on the Western side of the US. These Colorado Springs churches feature some of the most beautiful, symbolic, antique stained glass windows. We’re proud to have worked with local churches to restore these pieces of art, prolonging their product life for another 100 years. Scottish Stained Glass is the recognized leader in stained glass restoration. Our distinguished stained glass restoration process is perfect for adding more equity to sentimental pieces of art in your Colorado Springs church.

Colorado Springs Church Stained Glass Restoration

We begin every restoration process with an on-site assessment. This assessment allows us to really analyze all underlying issues that have over time lead to the deterioration of your windows. Lead begins to oxidize at around the 75 year mark, leading to the production of white powder and weaker stained glass frames. There are many exterior causes that can warp the shape of your stained glass as well, so properly investigating these issues allows us to create a custom-fit restoration plan to better deter those problems from arising again. Once the assessment is completed by our team of local, experienced glass artisans, we delicately deliver your stained glass window back to our repair shop.

Mimicking Damaged Stained Glass from Your Colorado Springs Church

Once your stained glass window arrives at our repair shop, we soak it for at least two weeks in a proprietary soap blend that thoroughly removes all excrements and stains that have built up from the last 100 years. We locate perfect matching stained glass pieces to replace any damaged original glass from either our vast inventory of over 50,000 stained glass pieces or by having it custom made. Our design experts can replicate painted glass as well mirroring the original technique. We rebuild your stained glass window with lead, tin, and black cement, guaranteeing stronger durability.

Call today to schedule a free on-site consultation on how Scottish Stained Glass can stun you and your congregation with newly restored stained glass panels: (719) 380-9193

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