The Hidden Stained Glass Gem of Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral’s Stained Glass Masterpiece

Pilgrims on their way to one of the most famous cathedrals in Spain, Santiago de Compostela, are a common sight, especially in the Summer. Whether from piety or a sense of adventure, each year many people in Europe begin a long pre-determined pilgrimage that ends at this mixed era gem of a church. The Santiago de Compostela we see today is very different than the humble chapel first constructed as early as 7th century. Throughout the years the there have been Romanesque, Gothic and even Baroque additions made to the structure. Additions including but not limited to a stunning stained glass window, hidden away in the rich historical church today.

Unlike many churches, there is very little stained glass in the famed Santiago Cathedral. On a small part of the interior, buried deep among the many awe-inspiring architectural features, there is an iconic and gorgeous stained glass window, depicting a holy person on a chair. It towers above the viewer in a majestic manner with no pretense of intimidation, but rather a burst of stained glass magnificence. Because of the scarcity of stained glass features, the window truly stands out and allows the viewer a refreshing change up from the abundant stone and tile work throughout. It is truly a sight to behold and reason enough for one to visit this historically rich church.

Colorado’s Stained Glass Experts

It is small snippets of history like the stained glass in the Santiago de Compostela that inspire us at Scottish Stained Glass. While our windows are more practical and suited for ubiquitous applications, our adherence to old school traditions and quality are the same. When we take on a stained glass commission, whether for home or church, we have the highest standards of techniques both traditional and modern to create a timeless work of art. If you are looking to add stained glass to your home, chapel or church, contact Scottish Stained Glass for a free consultation. Our 25 years of experience and appreciation for the intricacies of artful stained glass design make us Colorado’s stained glass expert. Our high quality stained glass windows are instant classics and will be enjoyed by your family or parishioners for years to come!

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