Texas Churches That Stained Glass Enthusiasts will Love

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Texas is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the country. Architectural styles have been influenced by southern culture, Roman Gothic styles of architecture, Art Deco styles, and famous architects such as O’Neil Ford and Nicholas Clayton.

Many of Texas churches, both old and modern, are home to stunning stained glass windows. Colorful and luminous, stained glass windows are often viewed as the soul of a church, opening up its inner walls to the heavens and the sky. For centuries, stained glass has held its prominence in religious settings and Texas churches are no exception, especially since some of the oldest churches are hundreds of years old.

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Stunning Texas Churches with Stained Glass Windows

Whether you’re a Texas native or you plan on making a trip out to the Lone Star State sometime soon, if you’re a stained glass lover, you’ve got to check out these stunning Texas churches:

St. Mary’s Catholic Church – Fredricksburg
St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Fredricksburg was founded by German immigrants in 1846 and is a stunning example of German architecture. The stained glass windows are also renowned for their incredible beauty.

Annunciation Catholic Church
The Annunciation Catholic Church is Houston’s second oldest Catholic church. The church is home to one of Houston’s most famous church organs, the Pilcher Opus 1206, which resides beneath a set of vibrant and intricate stained glass windows.

St. Mary Cathedral – Austin
St. Mary Cathedral in Austin was designed with a nature motif in mind. The church features a stunning rose window made from stained glass. Several stained glass windows also line the walls of the church and a large stained glass window resides beneath the church’s famous blue star dome.

San Fernando Cathedral
The San Fernando Cathedral is the oldest church in Texas. The walls of the sanctuary room are the original walls that were constructed in 1738 and the stained glass is among some of the finest in the country.

The Little Chapel in the Woods
The Little Chapel in the Woods is located in Denton, Texas at Texas Woman’s University. The stained glass was designed by Beatrice Paschall and depicts “Woman Ministering to the Human Needs”

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